I got to thinking about what my world would look like if I got rid of all the people in my world who aren’t white enough for this current Amerika. I would have to remove my husband — and all my friends. AND my entire family.

After which I’d have to go, too.


Not merely is this a bad idea, it is impossible. People love to talk about this country as if we are (kind of) akin to Germany, and SCROTUS is (kind of) a version of Hitler. Except … in Germany, the different people were a relatively small number in a country where most people were the same. It was relatively homogeneous country. Which made it fairly easy to pick out the ones who were different.

That was true all over Europe. It was easy to find the ones who were different. In many places, it still is.

Germany in the 1920s and 1930s was nothing like this country.

SCROTUS isn’t Hitler.
The United States isn’t Germany.


The number of not-white people in this country is larger than the number of whites. Yes, you heard me correctly. If you are one of the people who believes facts mean something, take a look at the numbers. And this is just the beginning. Not only do we have a lot of non-white citizens — from everywhere in the world — but people marry each other. They will continue to  get married, make children … and eventually, this current madness will go away and never come back.

None of this means anything. It’s nonsense. Utter crap.
The world is full of hate but in the end, haters are losers. 

This “getting rid of everyone who isn’t white” thing? It’s not going to work for me or anyone I know. How about you?

26 thoughts on “A BETTER PLACE?”

  1. Anti-immigrant anger always amazes me considering most North Americans are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Trump and his alt-right nutters don’t seem to grasp that concept. Perhaps because it is inconvenient to their hateful goals..

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    1. It’s so ridiculous. This country AND Canada and to some degree, Mexico and much of South America … most of us are immigrants. Either we are or our parents were or their parents were. Where would we go to? Many of us come from places that don’t even exist today, countries that vanished in some idiotic European war. So this madness will pass. Soon would be good. Very soon!

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  2. If you are not Native American, you’re an immigrant. And for that matter, the Native Americans are also immigrants. They came to North America through Beringia, a land bridge between Asia and America that existed during the ice ages, more than 15,000 years ago. And every group that has immigrated has always been met with hostility. The Native Americans were not and are still not thrilled with us being here. Look back to the days when signs said. “No Irish Need Apply”. We hated each group until they became established and could hate the next wave of immigrants. Look at “Polish Jokes” Those exact same jokes were “Irish Jokes”, “German Jokes”, “Italian Jokes” and now they are “Trump Jokes”. By the way take any of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You May Be A Redneck Jokes” and substitute “Trump supporter” for “redneck”. They’re just as funny.

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    1. Ditto for Australia/Aborigines. I don’t think ‘not thrilled’ is quite the way most N.A’s or Aus. Aborigines would describe it. 🙂 They’d say immigration was a VERY bad idea! (for the locals at least!).

      I rather think some of today’s ‘locals’ have similar feelings.



      1. Quite right, we are all immigrants too and it was just the same. When I was a child people complained about Greeks, Italians and Poles, later it was the Vietnamese, now it’s anyone from a Muslim country. I used to be proud of Australia for being a multicultural country but now we seem to have haters everywhere too.

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        1. There’s some kind of international thing going on with everyone hating everyone else. I’d think it was something in the air and water and for all I know, it IS in the air and water. Whatever it is, there is something terribly wrong. It isn’t here or there or in England or anywhere. It’s everywhere and I don’t understand it. Suddenly, the world is full of hate? What the hell HAPPENED?

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    2. Pancho, one of the many lines I love in “Blazing Saddles” is when the townspeople agree to accept the Blacks and Chinese but not the Irish. Then, in a change of heart, the Irish are accepted with a hearty “Prairie-shit!!” refrain.

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    3. A mere mention that the Native Americans WERE the first humans on the continent. So no, they aren’t immigrants. They weren’t born here, but they didn’t kill anyone to hang around. They came to a human-free continent and settled in, which is how humans came (from Africa) to EVERY continent. They ARE the original human inhabitants.


  3. I am in favor of getting rid of anyone who isn’t white. And anyone who isn’t liberal. Anyone who isn’t female. Who isn’t blond. Who is handicapped. Shorter than 5’5″. Wears too much make-up. Too much perfume. It will be me and whomsoever is left and I will be able to grab them by whatever body part I choose because I’ll be the only game in town. And then I will wake up and my wife- who is almost none of the above- will still be my wife and if I ever try to grab her by anything but her hand, she will castrate me.

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      1. (Shhh! I’ll let you in on a little secret. Lynn just hit the big 7-0 last October! But she’s still holding at 5′ 5″- though she says she’s 5′ 5′ and a half.)

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