I got up this morning and I wasn’t in a great mood. No reason. Just not a great mood. Grumpy, sort of. I decided I should wear something other than black because — my husband really believes in this — you should “dress against the weather.” I figured I should dress against my crummy mood, so I went looking for a long, red dress which I wear around the house. It’s comfortable, warm. And I couldn’t find it.

It doesn’t mean it isn’t there. When it comes to my clothing, not finding it is more typical than finding it. Much of my clothing is dark — black or charcoal or navy — so it all looks pretty much the same. Including when I’m wearing it. Moreover, the closet is crowded with clothing I always mean to wear, but don’t.

I gave away a really nice outer jacket yesterday. That felt good. But today, I wanted my red dress and I could not find it. Finally, I looked up and realized I had maybe a dozen pairs of pajama bottoms I used to wear and no longer do, not to mention a whole bunch of plastic bags that used to hold blankets and quilts. And there are a dozen shirts which I don’t wear because I don’t like them. Will I change my mind and like them in the future?

I grabbed the big bag. Pulled down all the pants and shirts … and stuffed them into the bag. After which, Garry carried out to the trash.

Whew! Suddenly, I felt better.

Red dress, found!

I found my red dress. I cheered up. Now, I just have to do the same thing with all the rest of that stuff I know I will never wear again.

Is this the oncoming of spring? Maybe it is!

31 thoughts on “I’LL NEVER WEAR IT AGAIN”

  1. I am continuously throwing stuff out and it feels good. Deciding what to wear, no problem. Have comfortable home clothes and change if going out. When I return the first thing I do is change back to home dress. Everything fits, because I only own what I can wear.


      1. Mary-Lynne, what a great idea. Hit the clothes closet and drawers while in a bad mood. That’ll help clean out stuff that needs to be gone.


  2. Great advice from Garry. What we wear affects not only our own mood but those we come into contact with.

    Pre-spring clean is good… but how about recycling vs Trashing? All my old stuff goes to charities. (Unless i’d be ashamed to be seen in public wearing it – not counting style-wise!)


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    1. I used to recycle everything. Now, I recycle clothing that has some reasonable shot at usefulness. But yes, we save it in big bags for dropping off. But this was OLD stuff. It had already had an entire life. It was exhausted.


  3. So good to have a clear-out. The process seems to have a good effect from the outside in – maybe at a cellular level. Which makes me wonder why we hang on to so many unused, just-in-case things, when releasing/disposing/passing them on can make one feel so much lighter, and in every way. Glad you found the cosy red dress though. I was beginning to come out in sympathy with that ‘why the hell can’t I find anything in my closet’ feeling. Phew! Which brings me full circle. Must go shed some stuff.


  4. My house rule these days is, if I never wore it, don’t like it, or it just looks funny, out it goes. If I didnt like it forty years ago, it hasnt improved with age. Out.

    Now that you have found your red dress, maybe you can come to my house and help me search for the reddish orange cowl neck sweater I bought two weeks ago. I’ve worn it once, put it in the closet, and now it’s gone. Mice? Jealous cats?

    I asked my husband if he had seen it, he said, sure, it’s downstairs on the back of a chair. (Never trust men with color choices). He really has no sense that a dark tan sweater isn’t even close to reddish orange. If I ever disappear and the detectives ask him, a la all tnose detective novels you read, ‘what was she wearing when you saw her last…” we are in serious trouble. “Errr. Blue jeans and some kind of blue sweater. Shoes”.


    1. Okay. Try looking on the floor. My stuff falls OFF the hanger and gets lost down there in the dark spaces behind the clothing. Question your pixies and brownies and elves. Get a flashlight and check “down there” because every now and then, I find something. It’s worth a try!


    1. If I can convince Garry, I’ll take one. It’s pretty much a big bag of red fabric. I wanted comfortable clothing to just wear around the house. It is inexpensive, so if it only lasts a season or two, that’s fine. Washes okay. They are supposed to be dresses, but I’d have to be about 75 pound bigger for this to look like a dress. So, what it is, is COMFORTABLE. NO elastic and I’ve developed a real phobia about elastic. My skin totally hates it.


  5. For me it’s spring but I also think it’s taking control of what I can control, and that’s my immediate environment. I find when I get most stressed by THE SITUATION I’m most likely to go throw stuff out. That might be my personal bright side to THE SITUATION. The potential downside is that I found the 400 page manuscript that is about Pearl S. Buck as a writer in the Chinese tradition. If THE SITUATION goes on too long, I may end up retyping the thing. It’s in old-school dot-matrix printing on computer paper with holes on the sides… 😀


          1. No attic. A small closet that’s full already. And so is the garage. No shed. But rather than invest in one, Lynn would say get rid of old clothes and shoes and stuff.


            1. And she would have a VERY strong point. I finally waited until Garry was gone and trashed some of the really worst stuff. When he asked what happened to it, I denied everything. He was SURE I’d done it, but he couldn’t prove a thing. HAH!

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                    1. Well, I can’t take any credit for being just like Garry. I’m a man. We all think alike, more or less.


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