While I was growing up, my world was entirely full of classical, baroque, and other “serious” music. I played piano, so that’s what I played. Later, when I knew I’d never be a professional musician, I began to explore the world of pop. The Beatles were the first group that I truly loved. After “A Hard Days Night” (I loved the movie and the score), and “Rubber Soul,” I was a fan. Lifetime.

Eventually, I added many other individuals and groups, and more categories of music. John Prine was a latecomer to my “playlist,” but he remains a favorite. Better known as the writer than the singer, there are a couple of songs that I particularly enjoy and always cheer me when I’m blue. It’s pouring rain right now. I mean, it’s coming down in buckets with thunder rumbling in the background. A good day for music. A bad one for any other plans we might have had.

Not everyone has heard of John Prine, but he wrote a lot of songs that other people sang. He sang them himself on various recordings, most of which I owned on vinyl. Now, many of them are out on CD, so grab them if you can, before they disappear. John Prine sings about life. He always had a sense of humor, too. He wrote great, witty lyrics, and singable melodies. What more do you need? Oh, how about some wit and humor? That works, too.


  1. Rubber Soul was the first album i ever bought! Always loved the Beatles – less so The Stones.

    John reminds me in looks and sound somewhat of Mr Zimmerman. That’s cool with me.

    I’m lower case c catholic in my musical tastes – anything from Handel, Vivaldi and Pachebel, through Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms: Puccini and Pavarotti; Nat King Cole, Matt Munroe, Carole King, Eagles, DISCO!, lots of Aussie stuff you probably never heard of – little groups like the Bee Gee’s, Air Supply, AC/DC and Savage Garden which is about where my steam ran out – most of the 2000’s and 2010’s music has passed me by, but i have enough favourites to keep me going a while yet.



    1. My piano teacher had no objections, but she couldn’t play a modern tune for love or money. She was so classically trained, all that stuff meant nothing to her. I never really went beyond classical, though I can strum a little guitar in there. I used to sing, but my voice seems to have not fared well with the years.


  2. One of my favs from Prine:

    “Spanish Pipedream (Blow Up Your TV)”

    She was a level-headed dancer on the road to alcohol
    And I was just a soldier on my way to Montreal


  3. Oh, that first chord of A Hard Day’s Night and I am transported back to my teen-age years! Thanks for this, Marilyn. Such great memories of the Beatles and trading those darn bubble gum cards on the school lot at recess!


    1. I was probably five or six years older than you when the Beatles showed up. That was when pop music opened up to me. I had been more or less neutral until the Brits, but after that … well … I’m torn between Beethoven and everyone else!

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  4. The Beatles arrived at about the same time as Dylan and Baez, so I had divided loyalties. I finally caved, and decided to love almost everything–except the really heavy stuff like the Stones and Black Sabbath. No.
    If you havent tried him yet, I just discovered Mark Knopfler a few years back, and never regretted it. David Gray, Pearl Jam, Richard Thompson. Tom Rush, Tom Paxton.
    I don’t buy CDs much now, I use YouTube, which is a wonderful way to find out what you really do like, and what might have been missed in the shuffle.


    1. He was a surprise for me, but I really love his songs and he wrote many songs I loved when other singers did them. I should mention that Tom Paxton was a personal favorite from way, way long ago. He was a local Long Island kid, too.


    1. He never had a great voice, but he wrote some great songs and over time, I got to rather like his voice. He has the wonderful Chicago twang and the words actually mean something. He has had cancer for some years now and he still performs when he can, but time hasn’t dealt well with him.

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