This is a home where many faiths are accepted without question. I don’t know what I believe, only that any god in which I might have a relationship would welcome anyone of good faith from anywhere on earth.

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  1. New watermark?? (Keys and crucifix)

    I cannot imagine a version of the One God that would not!…. Followers who view God through their own single and smaller perspective however, are a different story.

    Moral? Don’t judge a God by His followers! 🙂



      1. And therein lies a large part of the problem with religion… we tend to equate God’s behaviour with that of our own finite earthly body and thoughts. While it is somewhat natural for those who seek a ‘relationship’ with a Father-type figure to make the assumption he must be like a big human Father and assume God thinks along somewhat similar lines to our own or those of other humans, we usually don’t allow for the fact that we are relatively finite and limited beings and God is far from either. He may be able to understand each one of us intimately but we have no hope of a similar level of understanding regarding Him (or Her if it suits your personal opinion). Our logic is a very dim shadow of that of an infinite God and subject to countless error. I find this a reasonable argument for humility and acquiescence when it comes to matters of God (as proposed by those who have studied the matter more than i have) that i might personally find difficult to accept.

        I would tend to agree with your view, but my reading of those who claim to have been taught directly by God through Christ provide plenty of evidence that those they have taught themselves (once removed from God’s tuition) are already making serious error in their shared behaviours and spreading of His Word. Multiply that by some 100 generations (a la chinese whispers) and the idea of judging God from his ‘followers’ i would suggest is, like Eden, an idea that was just never going to work well.

        For reasons known only to God Himself he made man in His Image (male and female) but made them decidedly imperfect.

        Judging a perfect being from an imperfect one seems somewhat self-defeating to me. 🙂



        1. Yeah yeah, heard all that. In college, post college. I don’t buy it. Never did. Probably why I’m NOT religious in any sense of the word. The whole “Job” story mostly pisses me off. That’s not how a god treats “his people.” It’s just plain wrong. I’ve had this one out with one Jesuit and two ministers. I won. Both times. Leave it be.I’m not changing my opinion on this one.


          1. Not trying to convert anyone. Have read
            Job but am no fan of the OT – not ‘my’ story. I still believe none of us has all the info we need to ‘judge’ God’s motives – but if we earnestly ask He might give us better insight to them… at least as far as they apply to us personally. 🙂



    1. There are (I think) two Buddhas and then there’s a Vishnu and a Ganeesh. A cross, something Tang that isn’t religious, and a little dog who was used to guard temples. I think the modern Pug would be a close companion to it. I used to have much more, but it was a bit overwhelming and I am still working on reducing my overall art and other collections to a more modest number 😉


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