I’ve come to accept the fact that a large chunk of the country believes a set of ‘alternative facts’ that are, in fact, not true. They are SO not true, they are ridiculous, outrageous and totally unbelievable to most people.

I ’get’ that many people are uninformed. Or worse – don’t use their human ability to engage in critical, analytical thought. It’s sad, but it’s a fact of life today in Trump World.

I just thought that we could still hold the government to a higher standard. How naïve of me! When the right-wing propaganda machine spews out the latest conspiracy theory, I believed people in government had the resources and motivation to do their own fact checking. I thought, knowing the unreliability of the source, they would ASSUME anything from that source was false until proven true.

Last week, the world was totally turned on its head.

The President tweeted about a conspiracy theory he read about on Breitbart News. He actually accused President Obama of wiretapping his phones at Trump Tower during the campaign. To get such a wiretap, Obama would have had to give FISA probable cause that Trump or his affiliates committed an actual crime.

But let’s forget about that fact for now.

Trump made these allegations without giving ANY evidentiary data, support or even “word of mouth” from a reliable source. Not surprising because there is none. Then Trump demanded Congress investigate his groundless allegation. Also not surprising. He always doubles down on his crazy.

The insane part is that Congress agreed to start an investigation.

They said, “Sure. Okay.”

Without checking for a single iota of proof that these alleged wiretaps happened. At all. This is the Seinfeld of Investigations – an investigation about NOTHING!

Congress is willing to waste the public’s money and the government’s time to investigate something that has no credible basis in reality.

At least the press will now call the lie, a lie. When branches of the government are willing to act on lies, we’re not just dealing with alternative facts, but with an alternate reality.

Congress refused to say “the Emperor is stark naked” — and stark, raving mad! We have gone through the looking-glass. I’m losing hope for the ultimate victory of sanity and truth over insanity and “fake news.”

This has gone too far down the rabbit hole for me. My personal Maginot Line was crossed. The inmates are running the asylum.

I am officially freaking out! And that is a fact.

For our non-American readers, FISA means:

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (“FISA” Pub.L. 95–511, 92 Stat. 1783, 50 U.S.C. ch. 36) is a United States federal law which prescribes procedures for the physical and electronic surveillance and collection of “foreign intelligence information” between “foreign powers” and “agents of foreign powers.”


  1. It has been said (often) that i have a very active imagination… but even i can’t imagine what it must be like to be in your situation right now.

    I have recently come to recognise the all-too-sad fact that most of humanity, while believing the opposite, are actually mainly irrational creatures.

    Maybe realising this is the best way to find a way of dealing with it and hopefully improving the situation?


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    1. I have noticed that most people don’t think. I’ve avoided them because I get freaked out by non-thinking people. I mean, seriously, what else do we have going for us? We aren’t particularly strong. We have no physical weaponry — no huge claws or long teeth or shielding or wings. We can’t run faster or jump higher. The single thing we can do is THINK and if we don’t do THAT, then what exactly is the point?

      Take away thought and we are sheep. See the book review, next article down. We are all following the bellwether. And it ain’t pretty.

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      1. Re: the Point? I’ve been cogitating on that topic for several months now and this morning I had an insight. Stay tuned to my blog for one answer… it might take me a coupla days though 😉

        Don’t stop thinking!



          1. Thinking is like breathing for us. We even do it when we don’t want to. Like asking each other why they are doing dumb things on TV shows? It’s like HEDley Lamarr in “Blazing Saddles” when he poses a question and then turns to camera and says “Why am I asking you?”

            Thinking gets us past the daily landmines and guerilla raids staged by Agent Orange and his minions. A personal casualty is my ability to truly enjoy the late night TV shows. They’re all doing bits on the same 45 follies of the day. We get the straight story from the top of the “Nightly News”. Even these folks seem to be trying not to smile as they deliver traditional news reports. It’s like they’re thinking “I can’t believe I’m reporting this stuff”. Marilyn and I process the news reports and exchange our opinions. We usually eat dinner as we watch the news. Sometimes I can feel my stomach moving. The food is always delicious. So it must be what I’m seeing and hearing.

            Fast forward a few hours. We’ve relaxed after enjoing Brit Cop Shows or NCIS or whatever is on our viewing menu. I’m feeling fairly good. We turn to “The Daily Show”. Trevor Noah is a funny, charming and razor sharp humorist. He does his Scrotus material. It’s usually very funny and spot on. Then he brings on his staff comics to further smack Orange Head. It’s usually rant comedy and my good feeling starts to fade. The same is true when we turn to Sephen Colbert. Another funny, sharp and very clever guy. Same bits on 45’s daily follies. The irony is these comedic observations are needed to remind us of what’s going on. They are aimed at thought and reason as well as laughter.

            Maybe I got a little off track here. Ya think?

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            1. We love the late night shows. For us they are the confirmation that others are thinking and feeling as crazed as we are. We need that bit of sanity after reading the news of the day. It’s cathartic for us.


            2. Sounds right ‘en pointe’ to me G. 🙂 Always loved Blazing Saddles too. Ever tried turning the thinking off while still conscious? I thought that was the goal of meditation and despite countless attempts the best i manage is around 30 seconds, and even then my mind is focussed on counting the number of breaths i take. I can now count and think other thoughts over the counting – i guess that is an ímprovement??


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              1. lwbut, it’s hard to turn off thinking while still conscious. I do something like that when watching old westerns but I can’t completely delete the thought stuff in my head. I wonder, for instance, why the good guy fights the bad guy when he already has the drop on him.

                In the last of my 31 years at Ch 7/Boston, I was told my news reports were too long. “You think too much”, it was suggested. I tried thinking less but it was so damn hard. I WANTED to think less and avoid clashes with the “suits”. Alas, I couldn’t think less and paid the price.


                  1. Maybe, but computers make finding information easier. Instead of going to a library, I look online. Considering I live in a town with one small library, I would have to drive at least 40 or 50 miles to find a quality library. Meanwhile, I look things up in every library in the world. People don’t USE the internet to find facts because they DON’T WANT FACTS. It’s not hard to find them. With the internet, it’s ridiculously easy to find out if something is a fraud. If you don’t know, it’s because you don’t WANT to know.

                    That really IS the problem. You will never find the truth if you aren’t looking for it.

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                    1. Can only AGREE with everything you say!

                      I find it almost unbelieveable that people post things to the net that are so EASILY refuted with a 5 second search of the web (that is right in front of them as they hit send) but don’t bother to look – they fall for it, believe it and reproduce it to infect other uncritical minds like theirs… and the worst of it is….

                      i’ve done it myself! 😦



      2. Thinking is what half of this country has given up permanently. Thinking people can’t communicate with unthinking people any more than with animals who aren’t capable of critical thought.

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    2. Accepting irrationality is difficult if you are a very rational person. It’s hard to accept things that don’t make sense to you. And it’s scary because you have no way of predicting what, in this crazy world, is going to happen next!

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      1. True! I find it easier though since i learned that most if not all humans have varying degrees of irrationality. I used to think rationality and reason was the only valid way to think and that all of us thought this also so i got confused by the things some of us did. I guess we all believe we only think rationally really it’s just we don’t often see how wrong we are – even about ourselves. 😉



  2. It seems to me that many of 45’s alternative facts may be, in his narcissistic way, simple projection. He doesn’t like the attention directed at him, so he turns it back and accuses those he thinks are accusing him. There’s not much to be done about it, but it’s a perspective that helps understand what’s going on.


    1. It’s hard to understand the motivations of a deeply sick, narcissistic person. Psychiatrists are coming out now talking about how obvious his psychiatric disorders are. It would be sad if this were your relative. But when it’s the President and the world responds to his craziness every day, you’re in the Twilight Zone.


      1. My shrink said much the same thing. She said, “OH yeah. Narcissistic at least and who knows what else?”

        But I wonder if anyone is listening and if they are, how long will it be before they realize it has gone TOO far?


    2. I’m not sure that’s entirely true. I think there IS a difference between irrationality and rationality. i think that those of us who think using facts and information really ARE different from people who don’t. Emotional decisions are probably something else … but otherwise? I think there’s a difference.


  3. He has always been a crowd control guy. If you recall (I know, it’s painful) his daily rallies last year, he was praised for his rambling, mind numbing changes of mood, language, and subject. I always suspected it was deliberate. He is a master of the audience readers, and he may well have seen that at some point ‘this’ subject bored people, and ‘that ‘ subject got their attention. So he would shift gears and begin telling everyone about his ‘new’ plan. The one that always got the roar of approval.

    If he felt he was losing the crowd, “Out” he’d say and his flunkies would find the ‘heckler’ and “Don’t hurt him” he’d caution them (showing his concern and compassion) as they dragged the poor guy out. The audience was his again.

    anyone who disagrees with him at this stage is no longer working for him. He is slowly and steadily building a coterie of head nodders. I have this pipedream/futile hope that while congress is apparently agreeing with him, they are meeting quietly to determine the best way to undermine him. Oh I so hope that’s true. After all, if Hillary won the popular vote, that means those ‘republican’ states did a lot of voting for HER and not HIM.
    They will remember that when it’s time to reelect their congressmen.

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    1. This is our theory. Certainly, Garry’s theory. I don’t know what I think except that this is awfully dangerous. It’s funny to a point, but this guy is wacko crazy nutzki and this is not some fourth world banana republic. You can’t run the U.S. this way without causing massive repercussions elsewhere.


    2. I’m with you. I hope that the Republicans in congress are just waiting for their chance to turn on Trump and run him from office. They would be much happier with Mike Pence as president. He would be horrible policy wise. But he’d be predictable, not dangerous and he would never get reelected.


    1. It’s scary all right. But I still believe that there is some point that everyone in Washington will decide that enough is enough and push him out of office. Or maybe the journalists will uncover a smoking gun and he will be forced to resign. I stay sane by waiting and watching for the “Gotcha” moment.

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  4. Looking ahead, Kamala Harris’name is one that comes to the surface as a possible Dem candidate for Pres in 2020. She is currently Senator from CA, in Barbara Boxer’s seat, but has quite an extensive background, and is an interesting person as well. The following link is a David Axelrod interview of Kamala Harris — a little long, but worth a listen:


  5. Principled conservatives really need to step up right now. Liberals/Democrats can only do so much. We need someone who can break through the crazy of otherwise like-minded individuals. David Frum has been one such voice, as are Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn. I have Fox News brainwashed parents. I know how hard this is going to be. They are thoroughly convinced of everything they hear on this network. My brother-in-law is a step beyond and regularly posts InfoWars propaganda to his Facebook page. (I’ve basically stopped using Facebook because of him.) Hopefully we can steer this ship away from the looming iceberg.


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