Time speeds up and slows down. Einstein pointed out that you can slow down time if you go fast. Really, really fast. Close to the speed of light kind of fast.

He also pointed out that time slows down when you are doing something really, really boring. And it speeds up if you are doing something really, really fun.

The rides at Disney World never last long enough. Except for “It’s A Small World”. That one lasts forever. And further makes my point.

“God, will this frigging ride ever end?”

We seem to be experiencing a new time-related phenomenon. I hear the same thing from everybody lately. It’s a common theme on all the late night talk shows, cable news shows, and the press. That is:

“I can’t believe he’s only been in office for a month.”

“I can’t believe it’s only been what? Two months?”

“I can’t believe it’s not butter”
(OK, I’ve used that joke before, but it was just begging me to use it again).

We are all, as a culture, experiencing a Cognitive Time Shift.  Days seem like weeks. Months seem like years. And it all started when our “Commandeer In Chief” started running for President.

Why is this happening? How is he doing this?

I think the answer lies with how our culture, and more importantly, how our brains, process information. In this case, “Presidential Scandals.”

Anytime there is a Presidential Scandal/Gaffe/Faux Pas, it takes a while for it to play out. Some scandals last a few news cycles. Others can last for years.

What happens when a Presidential scandal is continuous? Ongoing? When there’s a daily crisis? When gaffes happen every day and you’ve lost count of the number of faux pas?  We can’t begin to process the current scandal because it gets replaced with a new one the next day.

Our brains resolve this by just assuming that we’ve spent the correct amount of time on each scandal. That’s why yesterday’s scandal seems like it happened a week ago.  SCROTUS is fast-forwarding us through time. Trump Time.

Don’t believe me? Quick. What was the big scandal last week? Don’t look it up. Yeah, I can’t remember it either.

We now live in a world of alternative facts and accelerated reality. 


  1. Can we shut down Twitter for the next four years? I’m sure time will pass much more quickly if we could – especially if he’s now managed to anger the press sufficiently that nobody would be willing to report his latest nonsense. Yeah – dream on.

    On a lighter note – I once got stuck in Pirates of the Caribbean in the Florida Disney World (“ah, ah, ah, my pretty!” over a 100 times before they got the ride going again and we could all disembark). I might have lost my mind if not for the realization that AT LEAST I was not stuck in Small World. I’d be in an institution still had that been the case.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  2. ( The Fabio meme was definitely worth a repeat!) 🙂

    No-one understands relativity, although Einstein’s quote does a pretty good overview. Time does not actually slow down – a second on the spaceship travelling close to the speed of light relative to the observer is still a second. A second of the observer of the ship is still a second – the problem is each one sees the other’s second as a different length of time compared (relatively) to their own (and both agree on the size and ‘direction’ (shrinking/expanding) of time, as the relative speed between them is the same for both observers. The common story that the crew of a light ship coming back to earth and several centuries have passed while they only experienced a few years is wrong because it only works while they are heading away from us at light speed – when they turn around and head back at that speed the effect reverses! Confused yet? 😉

    The other thing that happens of course, when you have so many crises, is that we lose our level of incredulity over time as the insane, through repetition, begins to seem ‘normal’, or at least common-place. Perhaps this is his cunning plan – I’ll just act crazy till crazy is the new normal – then anyone who can still think intelligently will appear to everyone as insane!

    Sadly, i fear it might be working already! 😦


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  3. Maybe Agent Orange will get arthritis in his fingers and the tweets will slow down. Then again, he’d probably continue, using one finger to bang out his 3 o’clock in the morning bursts of insanity.

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  4. Boy can I relate to this. When I retired from ASU I thought I’d have a lot of time to do anything I wanted to.., NOT!. Seems folks still remember what I was, or AM still, good at and began to call and inquire if I was still available to record their performance or do a CD project. So the bottom line is I’m busier in retirement than I was when employed full time. And the time is flying by at an unbelievably fast rate. The down side is I’m getting older faster than I want to. Damned Einstein, why couldn’t he just leave “well enough” alone?


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