I got up early to visit the bathroom and looked out the window. Not quite 6 in the morning and it’s …

It’s …


Hard. A lot of snow is falling. From the snow-white sky. Falling on the trees and on everything.

Two weeks ago, it was warm as summer. We were taking pictures of kids fishing in the river. In tee-shirts. I’m suspicious of warm weather in the middle of February, but this was it. The snow was still melting. Just a few days earlier, we’d gotten more than a foot and a half of it. Now … summer.

In February.

In New England.

I got used to it. After the week and a bit of 72 degree weather with shiny sunlight, the snow had melted. I figured winter was done and gone. But not this morning. Because it’s snowing hard and apparently going to keep at it for a while.


This entire year has been an abstraction. A time of craziness that isn’t going to return to normal in a future I can see. In other ways, life is peaceful. We have gone an entire year and no one has been ill. Our financial lives have not fallen into disrepair. It has been as normal a year as people our age can expect … except for a few, wee tiny things.

Probably started when the lid blew off our national pressure cooker and the worst man possible was suddenly president. A bit of a shock, that. This strange weather is simply one more little piece of craziness.

In a nearly desperate move to keep our own personal heads from exploding, we’ve settled into an existential gray space. Everything is sane because nothing is. Sane. We know we are crazy. Which is okay because it’s the world and whatever is … IS.

So if there will be 10 inches of snow today? It will melt.


16 thoughts on “LIFE IN ABSTRACT”

  1. It got up into the 80’s yesterday and then the low overnight dipped down into the 30’s. And the ironic thing is, that’s perfectly normal for March…. so the weather has finally caught up with the calendar by becoming crazy. They’re even talking about snow this weekend, which will look lovely on all the green grass that’s sprouted early in my yard….


    1. It’s snowing. Pretty hard and we may get 8 or 10 inches before the day it out. But it won’t last. A couple of days till the really cold weather goes away, but spring snows don’t hang around and become part of the furniture, not like January snows do. It was pretty weird. I got up at around 5, looked out the window and said WTF? Then I shook my aging head and went back to bed. I got up an hour later with that uneasy feeling having dogs and yards full of snow can give you. Threw the dogs out and on a sort of whim, I turned on the computer. Note from the Boston Globe that it’s beautiful up here (meaning Boston), but if you live anywhere below the Pike (Route 90). it’s snowing and will keep snowing until late in the day … maybe 10 inches. And, with bitterly cold weather tonight …”

      I sighed, got Garry up to move the car. I suppose we might have paid more attention to the weather last night because a couple of days ago they warned us about this storm, but I don’t believe anything anymore and decided we were NOT getting snow and that was that.

      We got the snow. But it will be gone in a few days. The earth is pretty warm from the past few weeks of almost summer weather. Then it’ll be cold and chilly and suddenly, at the end of April, it will be GLORIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL — and everything will burst into flower.

      And the caterpillars will come.

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  2. My only comment? Hey, it’s March. It fights back. We have had (and not that long ago) a March that was three 12″ blizzards, a week apart. I was so annoyed I even built a snowman on the kitchen roof. His head fell of the next day, but I think the message was clear: enough, already.


    1. I remember that spring. It was another one that started late and decided to linger right into the bursting flowers. I don’t think this one is going to do much. A couple of days. I was just caught off guard. It has been SO warm down here.


  3. Today we have had the most beautiful weather, almost more than spring. It was warm, I could wear a light jaket and we shifted all the summer furniture onto the porch – and I don’t care if it snows next week, the furniture remains where it is.


    1. We were seriously into spring mode here too … and now, a little snow. It’s a very wet snow, the kind you get this time of year, but I don’t think it’s going to matter much. It’ll be gone in a few days. It was more the sheer surprise of it. I was ready for tee shirt, not overcoat 😀


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