Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: March 12, 2017

It’s cold outside. I shot inside. Too cold for me out there!

Old brass dog and headphones
Little pottery dogs on a shelf
Two little wooden birds
Twisting Philodendron

20 thoughts on “ODDBALLS!”

    1. The front one was a gift from Garry’s brother and yes, it’s a toucan. I don’t remember where he brought it from. Somewhere in South America. Garry’s brother is a conductor and he picks things up all over the world. The blue one is an antique … not a very old one. From the late 1800s or maybe 1900. It’s a blue chicken. For reasons no one has yet explained to me, chickens are a thing in China. They are used for decoration on many things. On plates and pictures. Maybe the people find them humorous.


    1. I didn’t even know it was a collection until I realized I had quite a lot of them. Some are bronze, the rest are pottery. A few are old, most are pretty new. They are dogs I’ve owned, dogs I wish I’d owned and a couple are just cute 🙂


    1. I decided to see life through the macro lens 🙂 We’re supposed to get a ridiculous amount of snow tonight and it’s COLD out there, too. I had so hoped the weather would warm up and it would be rain. But. So it goes. Thanks so much for liking them 🙂


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