I swear I took this right out of my inbox this morning. I know these people are delusional and unhinged … but … but … but … seriously? This is from “The Daily Beast” and apparently, it really is serious, but it’s too weird even for me. Tin foil hats are ready. Please pass them around to all our guests!

Conway: Magic Microwaves May Have Spied on Trump

Kellyanne Conway, a senior counselor to President Donald Trump, doubled down Sunday night on claims that President Obama had wiretapped and spied on Trump in the run-up to the 2016 election. As usual, Conway’s comments, which were made in an interview at her home in Alpine, New Jersey, were not supported by any evidence. She claimed that Obama may have used “microwaves that turn into cameras,” adding: “We know this is a fact of modern life.”

Conway said that “there are many ways to surveil each other,” including through “phones and television sets.” Trump has said, also without evidence, that he believes the Obama administration was spying on him. Asked by CNN on Monday whether she could provide evidence of such surveillance, Conway replied, “I’m not Inspector Gadget.


  1. she’s also starting to show her age. (biggggg smile here).
    you have to love it. Microwaves that magically turn into cameras.

    Does that mean we have to comb and smile while heating
    our coffee water? OMG. I dress like a bag lady who just found
    that everything fits her and wants to wear it all…
    I refuse to put on makeup to have me coffee.

    If this is ‘real’ and I hope to the green jesus it isn’t, then we are
    in serious tin hat territory if only to ward off the snoops in our
    kitchens. Either that or she has been visited by the spectre of
    Sarah Palin.

    Su, that’s funny. Let us not forget “horrified beyond words” and “ROFL”


    1. We need a LOT more of the buttons. LIKE just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I saw this come up in my email and I looked at it. Checked because … maybe it was “the Onion” … but it’s … well … real. Ridiculous, but real. Nuts. But real. Totally tinfoil hat. Be careful with that microwave. Those waves can take your picture and send them to the Obama camp!


  2. And just think: The man in charge of the patient office wrote a letter to the president in 1928 stating that the office should be closed because in was impossible to invent anything new. He should have waited to talk to Inspector gadget before the wrote that letter.

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      1. I’ve read for years that information can be gleaned without anyone ever knowing – it the cash in your pocket, scanning your credit card from a distance. Twenty years ago I was in a late night cafe. A security man in a car drove up the window and ordered coffee. Two of the customers – one whose name was George – said, after seeing the man in the car said he’d worked some security. Minutes later the security car was back at the window. He gave the waitress a card and said, “Tell George if he wasn’t to work security again call me at this number.” They can measure the flexing of window glass and turn it back into audio.


        1. Yes, but microwaves are not cameras. That’s like electricity becoming gas for your stove. I agree there are many amazing things they can do, but they can’t turn a microwave SIGNAL into a CAMERA. Whatever she meant to say, that ain’t it.

          But no one said she was a really SMART person.

          Garry noticed the makeup too. Funny that just you two really noticed it.

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  3. One of the weirdest aspects of Conway’s claim is that she thinks ole orange head is ever close enough to a microwave to make it a useful camera. Is she suggesting he has microwave dinners? Or that he keeps a microwave in his office as a back-up mirror?


  4. The fake smile (alternative smile?) says: Everything is ok, I’m cool with this.
    The eyes say: i know where you live and i’m going to get you – and your family – for this!

    As American’s say: She’s a real piece of work! But her job is to take the bullets for Trump, deflect attacks away from the real target. That, and to keep the ‘true believers’ on side with more of the same. If one person says it it can be dismissed – if two people say it a little doubt can emerge. The more 44.5 can get on side to say crap the harder it is to refute the crap and be believed.

    Nasty stuff. Hopefully it can be contained to the US but i very much doubt it will be/is?

    Heck i know it’s not, i have friends in the UK falling for it and it’s already here down under… we’re in trouble… in case you had not alreqady figured that out?? 😉



      1. In Aus we have someone similar – Pauline Hanson – except she’s the leader (figurehead) of the party she represents and is being directed by ‘smarter’ evil people. She actually makes Teeth look intelligent!



      1. Annnd yesterday morning, in the mail, a political census thingy from the Donald; addressed ‘exclusively’ to my husband (we are both registered Republicans) in which the wildly slanted survey (which he was supposed to sign) wanted to know what he really thought about the wonderful new world that was about to come crashing in on us. All of this, understand, at taxpayers expense, and to ‘defray the costs of the Survey” we were asked for a ‘voluntary’ donation upwards of $25 or better. Oh please.

        I noticed there was no survey for me. Not that Im hurt, but it would have been nice for the lady of the house to express her opinion, and this says one of two things (or possibly both, since we are now in tinfoil hat mode); one, the female in a staunch religious Repulblican family always votes the way her big strong husband votes, because. Two, some of those microwave cameras at the polling place saw me going in and firmly voting for a democrat. It also sends a message that wimmen don’t have to vote. Their husbands do it for them.
        I was tempted to send the silly thing in, answered the way I want it answered and sign my husband’s name to it. Somehow I just know…

        Luckily he hates surveys of any kind, and tossed the thing.


        1. Wow. I mean, just wow. Everyday it gets better and better, doesn’t it? I don’t even KNOW what to say anymore. The only (maybe, possibly, but who knows?) good thing coming out of this is for the first time in a very long time, I see Republicans and Democrats agreeing on a few things. Here. And there. Does it mean something? I dunno. You think?

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          1. I dont think anything means anything anymore. If the Republicans are agreeing with the Dems over anything, it could mean that what’s pushing them (politics, strange bedfellows, etc.) is so much more terrible to contemplate…
            I have this political cartoon in my head, where there is a large large contingency of donkeys and elephants, up against a slowly crumbling wall, labeled “political parties” and the harder they lean against it, the more it crumbles. They all look scared.


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