The Superstition  mountains were stony claws in the sky. There’s a mine up there, but no one can find it. How could anyone find anything up there in the massive, raw cliffs? Could you even ride a horse or must you travel afoot? Seeing gold and silver — maybe a few gems secreted deep in earth or rock?

Nothing I have seen before or since was as massive as those mountains. Blue though the sky may be, the mountains dragged that bright sun to earth.


22 thoughts on “MASSIVE AND MIGHTY

  1. Well a few of them “old timers” managed to make it up there on foot with a trust Burro or Mule to carry the tools needed.., and a few never came back either. Prospecting was a tough life.


  2. Nothing on earth is as awesome as it’s natural beauty. Nature blessed you with The Rockies for sure – nothing we have comes close. But as it blessed you with The Rockies right next to them it cursed you with San Andreas – nothing we have comes close.

    Some you win, some you lose is the motto i guess?

    Love the pics 🙂 Seems that like your states, the mountains are also divided between Red and Blue?? 😉


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  3. There was some significant geological activity to create those mountains. They’re pretty impressive.
    Love to see them up close.


    • Oh, the Alps are real mountains and the Rockies aren’t the biggest mountains. The Himalayas have got that one. Everest is still tallest of them all.

      The mountains on the east coast of the U.S. aren’t huge. Some are pretty big, like your smaller Alps, maybe, but many are all smoothed over from being around for so many millions of years. We are the older part of the continent and our mountains have gentled down.

      The Rocky Mountains, though … and there are a lot of them, starting up in Canada and ambling down across through four or five states (I’d have to look it up) … Different names depending on where you are, but they are all part of the Rockies. And they are HUGE and wide and at the top, it is always winter. i have flown over them a few times. I wonder what it was like to actually roll over those mountains in old wooden wagons!


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