3 thoughts on “FAITH IS OPINION -Waterfalls_20170303_034”

  1. WOW….isn’t that something to think about, all these years I have believed, had faith that I am saved, by faith, because I believe in Jesus, and his dying on the cross for my sins…..this has been taught to me while growing up, I am 60+ now……I still believe, and have faith, but…..I do like fancy clothes too! Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Believing is fine, as long as you have a little room left for other stuff. Because belief doesn’t have to be a rock hard unbending thing that can never alter no matter what. It’s that kind of belief that has twisted every kind of religion throughout world history.


      1. Yes, I liked the idea, made me think, I am always open to other beliefs, especially in religion, I believe one God, and he has many different names. You are “scary” and awesome in your writings, and words in profile, a professional writer, not me, I just enjoy the freedom of writing about what is on my mind….and sharing with others who might be able to expand on what I think, if interested. thanks I am following you now.


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