My all-time favorite movie is The Producers.

I’ve seen it a hundred times. I have it memorized. I can tell you what line is coming up next and what the next shot is in any given scene.  I still fall off my chair laughing when  Springtime for Hitler comes on. I also love the Broadway play and the movie of the Broadway play.

But here’s the point. It’s fiction. It’s comedy. It’s made up. It’s not real.

Or is it?

For those of you who’ve never seen the movie or the play, the concept is simple. A failing Broadway producer is having his taxes done when his accountant makes an interesting observation.

“You know,” he says. “You can make more money from a flop than a hit”.

“Say that again?” classic-movie-night-com

How could that be? Well, when a show flops you don’t have to pay back the investors. You can raise unlimited amounts of money and then keep it all. The only trick is that the show MUST be a flop. If it’s a hit, you’d have to pay the investors … and if you’d been raising tons of money, you could never make enough money back to pay them.

So, Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder found the worst play ever written:

Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp With Eva and Adolf at Berchtesgaden.


They got the worst director,

“Without the wig, you are only half dressed!”

And the worst actors imaginable.

And it became a huge hit. They all got arrested and went to jail where they proceeded to bilk the warden and the prisoners into backing a show called Prisoners Of Love.

“We open in Leavenworth on Saturday Night!”

What does any of this have to do with reality?

Good question.

We are living in a time where nothing makes sense. Everything is blowing up. The current administration is melting down. Connections between the Russians and this administration are exploding in both Putin’s and Trumputin’s face. The Republicans in Congress are falling all over themselves to prove how utterly incompetent they are at … EVERYTHING!

The mainstream media gave this clown over 3-billion-dollars of free airtime while he was running for office. They were a major factor in making him President.  To reward them for this largess, he has deemed them “The Enemy Of The People”.

It makes no sense. Unless you factor in one common denominator.


They all had different agendas, but they  all ended up being different versions of The Producers! The outcome of these elections were based on the same premise as the movie.

He would lose! Trumpy McTrumpFace never expected to win. He never wanted to win.

He ran to get a better negotiating position with NBC over The Apprentice. It’s on record. He told his publicist before he started to run that he wanted to come in a solid second in the primaries. But then he started to win. He realized he could raise a ton of money from poor stupid rural white folks — and he would never have to pay any of it back.

He could use his own plane, stay at his own hotels and funnel most of this money directly into his own pocket. He bragged he would be the first presidential candidate to make money running for president. He never had any policy plans. He didn’t need them.


He made promises nobody could keep because it didn’t matter. He was supposed to lose. Nobody thought he would win right up until election night.

Then he won.  And here we are.

Now let’s take Russia. Putin realized that hacking the DNC and releasing Hillary’s and Podesta’s emails would damage Hillary’s campaign. He had a beef with her. His plan was to screw with the campaign and maybe destabilize her administration. It didn’t matter that people with deep ties to Russia were now running Trumpy’s campaign.

It didn’t matter that this was reported during the campaign. Trump was supposed to lose.

But … he won. Suddenly this is an international scandal. Putin, just a few weeks ago, ordered a “Psychological Profile” of Humpty Trumpty. What did he find? A mentally ill man with his finger on half the world’s nuclear weapons. Most of them pointed at HIM. Oops.


Republicans had the whole game plan set out. They had four years of “investigations” into … well … everything that Hilary Clinton did, would do, or might do for the next four years. They were going to “Repeal Obamacare” at least another 60 times and block anything and everything the White House might try get done. Just like they did for the last eight years.

It’s their thing. They’re good at it. They practice it a lot.

Most Republicans did everything they could to distance themselves from the Trumpster. It was good policy. They could say “See? I knew this guy was a clown from the beginning. Vote for me!” And this would have worked.

Until he won.


As Leslie Roy Moonves (Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation) famously said early on, “Trump may be bad for America, but he’s great for CBS.”  People recording that couldn’t explain the odd whirring sound that showed up on all their recordings. It was Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Douglas Edwards and a whole bunch of other folks spinning in their graves. (NOTE: Still spinning.)

The media, mostly cable news, gave him ‘un-presidented’ air time because they were getting RATINGS! They were raking in the bucks. They didn’t bother to investigate any of the scandals, the fact that he had no policies, the fact that he was in bed with the Russians. Because THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO! He was going to lose. They could make a fortune with boosted ad rates and didn’t have to spend any money doing things like investigative reporting, exposing his lies, or pointing out that he’s INSANE! Mentally ill.

It didn’t matter that, late in the campaign, he turned on all of them. He was supposed to lose.

But he won. Now the media is “The Enemy of the People.”


So, there you have it folks. Four different versions of “The Producers.” They all did everything wrong.

Where did they all go right?

SO …

Can Mel Brooks sue REALITY for copyright infringement? 

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16 replies

  1. Is anti-comedy like anti-matter? If the two come in contact, does the universe blow up — while laughing hysterically?

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  2. By the way, Hillary did NOT lose the election, the Electoral College took it away from her. The EC is an antiquated body at best. We need to start valuing how the people really vote and not so much try to even the weight of each state just because fewer people decide to live there. The popular vote was what was real, the EC was a joke.., and a not so funny oner either.

    Anyway I love “The Producers” the first version of course, with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. Did not like the latest one at all. Never the less, Tommy’s point is well taken and almost as funny as the Brooks movie. Way to go brother. Why am i not laughing…?

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    • you’re not laughing because there is more than a bit of truth in this. Months ago, long before the election, two or three online pundits predicted the exact same outcome. He will run, and lose because he’s trying to lose. It’s the power he was after not the office. One of them even said if he won, he would resign within a few months.
      He is, you notice, still campaigning. what the hell are those campaign rallies for now?

      My theory? He’s terrified. He might actually have to govern, and while he’s treading water here, he is also hiring the most incompetent ninnies he can find, partly to make himself look better, and partly so he can blame them for incompetence and fire them two weeks down the road. He is also still dragging out and beating the dead horse of Obama-as-president, and Hillary as crook. All to deflect attention from himself and attract it at the same time.

      And I loved “The Producers”. The first time I saw it, as a rerun on TV, it horrified me. I was too young to actually get what was going on. But you must admit, “Springtime for Hitler” is the kind of earworm you hear for days afterwards. Like, um, now.

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    • Good point. It’s like anti-comedy.

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  3. Please stop making me laugh… THIS IS SERIOUS!!

    (Un-presidented air time: you’re killin me!)

    To answer your question: Yes – but who’d pay the damages and legal bills??

    And the way i see it, 44.5 did not win – he managed to get a majority of republican voters to think he was a Saviour; Hillary LOST the election – for many reasons. On the day McDonald was the less unpopular vote – a case of better the devil you don’t know than the one you do.


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    • Sorry. Making you laugh is the only thing keeping me sane. And 44.5. Love that.

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      • Pancho, you’re doing a great job of making us laugh through this nightmare. No small feat! How’s about HEDley Lamarr as replacement for Sean “old spice” Spicer? Lily Von Struppe could replace Kellyanne who becomes a Trump Tower tour guide.

        Too Jewish??

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