Although I lived abroad, I knew I could come home.

I lived in Israel, a nation I love but as controversial as any country on earth. When I arrived there, I was sure I knew something about how things could be fixed. By the time — nine years later — I left, I knew nothing except that should anything in the area get fixed, I wouldn’t be the person doing it.

I left, but it was okay. I was going home. I needed normalcy by then. Nine years in a country that is permanently just this side of war makes everyone nervous. We’d had some great days, right after the Camp David Accords were signed. I was there. I saw the cars — those big black cars from the U.S., Israel, and Egypt fly past me after signing at the King David Hotel. Israel was deliriously happy. Peace!

Pogo – Walt Kelly

They assassinated Mubarak soon and Dayan died 10 days later. The peace became more like a non-aggression pact. The sunshine of a future faded and hasn’t returned.

I am here. My country. I’m older by 27 years. Happy, for the most part. Last year, we had an election — hardly news, really. I’ve been following elections since I was a small child. The first one I followed was the second election of Eisenhower. It was on the radio. We didn’t have a television, so I followed it with my mother. She explained each thing and what it meant, or could mean to us. By the next go-round, I watched it myself.

Kennedy was assassinated. Things got a little crazy, but our strong government took over and things were set to rights.

March 2017.

Something else happened. This  … person … we have put in office? He has taken a powerful government, perhaps the most powerful government on this planet in this period of historical time and trashed it. Controversy? It has gone way beyond that. It’s a mess.

For the first time in my life, I wonder if we really have a government. If there are people watching out for us, caring about us. Because despite everything, that’s what governments are supposed to do for the citizens of a country. They supposedly watch out for us. Try to do the best they can to make our world better.

It is as though we have “privatized” the U.S. government. It’s not a “real” government anymore. It’s a bunch of individual yokels out to make a few bucks. They aren’t watching out for us. They aren’t taking care of us. They don’t care if we live or die, if we can breathe, have water, or exist. If we are sick, we can die, but we won’t find help here. We are the rag-tag nothings of the world.

A nothing people with a long slide down, but no way back up.

It happened in less than three months. 

33 thoughts on “TAKE ME HOME”

  1. Guess we start shovelling the ice of reality as hard as the stuff outside on the ground.. It’s damn hard and takes my breath away.


  2. For the first time in my life, I wonder if we really have a government. If there are people watching out for us, caring about us.
    I don’t think there are and I doubt there ever were


  3. I no longer know what to say about this wannabe Presiden and I notice that the word “President” is rarely used and he is mainly referred to as “Trump”. He is not my leader, so I cannot criticise too much, but I am unhappy about it all. I have said to Mr. Swiss in the last few days, and he more or less agrees, what is wrong with this world. We fought to rid us of the stupid, of the oppressors, and slowly they are worming their way back. Turkey is a catastrophe, the arab countries are one big mess, no-one actually knows what Putin is going to do, he probably does but won’t tell. England has a socialist party being lead by a communist and the States is anybody’s guess, but is there anyone there that can do the job?

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  4. You know I disagree with you. I see the moron and his idiots but I also see judges who are ready to fight for justice, people who are increasingly better informed and far more willing to shoulder their responsibilities as citizens and voters. I think our country has been broken for a while — obviously or Old 45 wouldn’t have been elected — and the break is/was the disaffection of the American voter. I fully believe this situation is going to change that. The government should not be the leadership. And there is no leader without followers and this guy is having a hard time with that. He calls it the “deep state” in his paranoia, but it is just that people don’t like him or what he’s doing. If people were sitting still, buying his agenda and resigning themselves, I’d agree with you.

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    1. I would hope — really like it a lot — for you to be right. Because judges, shmudges, we are THREATENING TO USE NUCLEAR MISSILES with North Korea and that also means China. BAD idea. Really BAD idea. Was a BAD idea 40 years ago and it has NOT improved.

      It scares the PISS out of me. Sure, we can make it better eventually, maybe even pretty soon … but not if we are incinerated.

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  5. I know it feels like a right wing revolution at the moment but the whole system is crumbling. And there will be worse than Trump in the process. Time to think about the kind of world we really want….

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          1. How stupid was the electorate to fall for a bipartisan system when in reality what was going on was people like me were telling everyone that the future globalisation, offshoring and at the same time borrowing until states were as much in debt as households?


              1. We ALL have to pay the rent and this country was designed as a bipartisan system. Like it, hate it, doesn’t matter. That’s the way we are built. I see two parties in total disarray right now. Both need massive rebuilding. Maybe we’ll fix a few broken things, but we aren’t going to fix everything and I get tired of hearing people telling me that. They’ve been telling me that for nigh unto 50+ years and it ain’t gonna happen. Why not? Because. It isn’t. There are too many things at issue that require too many other people to get on board and that has never happened in this country and I frankly doubt it will. Ever. At this point? Give us health care and water and air and stop raping the land. That would do it for me. Yes, I know there’s more but I’m tired and I’m getting old. Enough.

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                1. But the economic system requires continued expansion? That’s what GDP growth is in effect. Who is purportedly running the show does not change that. And Trump’s supporters will go off him too in time because the changes he offered them he cannot really implement – any more than Obama could really live up to teh changes he had promised.


          2. After a lot of lengthy consideration and observation i have come to the conclusion that there are generally more dumb people than smart people – everywhere! 😦

            P.S. You (2) are not stupid! ( Unless you voted for T Rump.



  6. Thank you for this, Marilyn. We’re on the same page. Thinking the same thoughts. Feeling the same feelings. Or so it seems. This won’t last long. “Troubles won’t last always,” I tell myself.


  7. Out to lunch with a group of friends to day and someone suggested that Trump is not crazy but uses it as an act to distract people from the the fact that he has no idea what to do. I don’t find that idea comforting. Acting crazy or actually being crazy he’s still dangerous.


  8. If you can’t beat ’em – join ’em! … Isn’t that what they say?

    You do know i’m joking – right? 🙂

    The only thing that can beat a disorganised rabble (current govt) is an organised rabble. Let’s get organised!

    New Technology = New Society.



  9. Great and scary post!
    I am not american, but I lived in the US for long enough to love it. But as an immigrant, this year I didn’t have many options besides getting a job abroad and continue my journey somewhere else. However, it scares me what’s going on – and what might happen in the near future. My master’s peace and conflict resolution taught me a thing or two of how a “crazy action” can change things in a heartbeat. I really hope things go well. I really hope the US continues to be the amazing place I’ve lived.


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