Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 17, 2017

Way out in the desert – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Stairs and the last snow … but not really
Photo: Garry Armstrong – The last snow … except not exactly

The very last snow? I certainly hope so!


  1. Great photos! It looks like the natives are sending smoke signals in the first one 🙂

    Our weather is not a severely weird as yours but I have Spring flowers breaking our as new shoots – only it is the start of Autumn her!. Summer tried it’s best but it got interrupted half-way through by a winter-sized downfall of rain and a few cooler days and now the plants think were back to Spring 😦 I fear they’re going to be sorely disappointed.



    1. That was a real cloud. It did look like smoke. Weird, eh?

      We are still wrapped in snow and ice, but it should melt during the next few days. A week from now, it will be sort of spring. It’s not a season we get much of around here. We tend to go more or less directly from winter to summer, often during a single day.


    1. It’ll be gone from here in another week, too. It’s melting now, so next week will be mud. Then it’ll be cold, but not AS cold. By the beginning of April, it will be spring or almost spring. May IS spring, but two weeks later, caterpillars will eat the trees. It’s good to know ones future.

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    1. I know, but right now, I’m enjoying watching the water dribble off my roof. At least things will be clear and storms in April don’t last. We had one on April 1st in the 1990s. It was more than 24 inches, but it was also gone (with a lot of flooding) in three days.

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