20 thoughts on “LABELS (MY WORDS DON’T RHYME)”

  1. I can’t stop laughing.., many is the time I’ve removed one of those suckers because it scratched.., but somehow a tiny piece always seems to remain to continue its mission. Aren’t there softer labels?


      1. I once cut a hole in a favorite nightgown when I reached over my should in frustration to cut a particularly aggravating one out of the cotton material. I was lucky I didn’t cut out a hank of hair in the process.


        1. I’ve torn big holes out of dresses. I try to remove the tags before I go out, but sometimes, I forget. It’s such a silly thing. Why not make them removable so you don’t have those itchy edge things leftover even when you’ve tried to cut the label away? It’s dumb.

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  2. I have found clothing with stamped-in labels, My Fruit of the Loom t-shirts are like that, and Old Navy puts them on things too. I’d think it would save companies a ton of money to not only not have to pay for the fabric to be cut and printed, but to pay stitchers just for label-attachments.
    I have a wonderful little tool called a stitch ripper with a wickedly pointed end, and the entire thing looks like a harpoon–you can wiggle it under the thread and cut it open, and then pick apart the rest of the threading. Takes awhile, but it’s worth the effort.

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    1. Cheap companies use silk screening. Apparently it’s against the principles of “better” companies. I think it’s stupid, but I have never worried about labels. And anyway, I ONLY buy on sale. No full price anything.

      Now that you mention it, I have a seam ripper too. I think I will use it. The only problem is when the product is stretchy. They you can do a lot of damage anyway.


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