Minimal. Minimalist. Minimalism.

So our government is now a minimalist government, giving our hard-earned money to wherever it shows a profit. Alternatively, perhaps we the Scrooges of the world, the ones who won’t give Tiny Tim’s dad a day off to celebrate Christmas. The line is pretty damned thin.

1. a person who advocates or practices minimalism in art or music
2. a person advocating minor or moderate reform in politics.
1. relating to minimalism in art or music.
2. advocating moderate political policies.

What is the difference between a minimalist and skinflint or cheapskate? Is there a difference? I live in a world where we suddenly can’t afford to give elderly people a hot meal, or hungry kids a hot lunch. Or medicine to poor people who are sick.

Maybe that’s minimalist. I think it’s just cheap. Twisted and sick beyond words. But hey, that’s me. I never minded paying a few more dollars so that people who needed help could get some. I never thought the idea of helping others was a bad thing.

skin·flint (noun) informal

  1. A person who spends as little money as possible; a miser;
  2. Synonyms: miser, penny-pincher, Scrooge, pinchpenny; and more

What do you think? Does our military actually need another $54 billion (is it billions)? I keep losing some of the zeroes on the dollars. You know, the military didn’t ask for all that money. I’m betting a lot of military guys would be happier knowing their elderly relatives will get a hot meal.

Lord knows, the guys in Washington get lots of hot meals. Every day. Big ones. The best medical care on earth. A salary that will never go away. Unlimited sick days.

I don’t see them giving their goodies away. Even in Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” Scrooge didn’t keep the goodies for himself. He lived the way he thought everyone should live. In a cold, empty house. Yet he was considered the ultimate miser. So what do we call our miser-in-chief?

So, when you get to thinking about what’s going on? Think:


Because that is us. You, me, everyone.

Where are those hideous ghosts when we really need them? Come back, Dickens. We have some work for you to do!

11 thoughts on “MINIMALIST”

        1. I believe this is how most normal people actually feel. There are crazies out there who are different … and not in a good way. But most of us recognize that we should be caring for people who need it. We would never have survived as a species if we hadn’t care for those who need it. We’d all be dead.

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  1. The cost per week of the First Lady’s continued residence in NY and the cost per pop of orange head’s regular weekends at Mar-a-Lago don’t exactly show a profit. Except to Trump Enterprises. A bit of self-funding there wouldn’t cover the cost of the hot meals needed, but it might reduce the obscene hypocrisy of it all.


    1. Oh, we all KNOW that. How could you MISS it? But what’s really “minimal” in every way that matters is the proposed federal budge. While it leaves BILLIONS of dollars to “build a wall,” and hyper billions for the military (who doesn’t need it and didn’t ask for it, either!) … it eliminates any kind of assistance to anyone who really needs help. Medical, food, fuel assistance. All the things that make it possible for people who aren’t doing well to survive. So it is NOT minimalist. It’s miserly and downright cruel.


  2. We have a similar story (though not as bad) here in Aus. We have the benefit of a less uncharitable senate than yours currently who actually stand up for decency and have prevented numerous ‘budget’ measures designed to get us out of growing debt, largely at the expense of those who can least afford it.

    Having said that i’m going to play Devil’s Advocate for a second and point out that your government currently owes the merest smidgin under 20 trillion dollars! ($19,931,228 821,003 as of March) or $60,000 per man, woman and child in your country. This year the debt is estimated to increase by 106% of your entire domestic product in value. Your government currently spends more than the country makes!

    None of us can keep running up that sort of household budget for long and we would have to make some cuts to survive or come up with a way to make more money in a week that still just has 168 hours in it and a year with still only 365 days..

    The REAL problem here is the vast sum of money being sent off-shore by American corporations using overseas tax dodges where the money you spend on good has the tax paid to Ireland or Singapore or Panama or a bunch of other minor country’s governments, and they are doing it ‘legally’. It costs you and every American trillions in lost tax revenue and makes them and their shareholders massive and usually increasing profits. It is a syphon from you to the richest few.

    This is a global problem and needs a global solution. Sadly, for some insane reason i can’t fathom America chose to put someone in Office for the next 4 years who benefits from the same system and who i don’t believe truly wants to do something to fix it. 😦

    We could if we all got together and said simply, but firmly: ENOUGH!



  3. For a long time i had very poor ‘people’ skills and i still have next to no political experience or desires in that direction, but hey – that pretty well describes the current leader of the ‘Free World’ so maybe there’s a chance i could DO something great after all (with a little help from my blogfriends! 😉 )

    I might have to look up on the ‘Net which organisations are trying to find the best solutions to fix Society and join in? There’s power in numbers… or we could just start our own!



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