My true love and I went to the doctor and the grocery store. On the way between those spots, I took a few pictures.

There are places nearby which are beautiful and where I’ve been trying to take a few nice pictures for years. I usually can’t. There is no place to park.

Forge House

It isn’t the city. We don’t suffer from having too many cars. No parking meters. Just a narrow winding road with many swampy sections. Pulling off to the side of the road can prove perilous. It is a kind of quick mud, but it’s not going to swallow the car. Not exactly. It will suck the car (and me) into the muck and make quite a mess. It can appear normal, but you step on what looks like grass and find yourself in black mud to your knees. Stinky black mud. Yuck.

So we made a deal, Garry and I, that he would look for anyplace he could pull off the road — safely — and I’d leap out (well, not exactly leap, but move quickly) and take some pictures. Then jump back in the car.

One of the places is the Forge House. Built in 1788 as a cobbler’s shop, it later was turned into a forge house where people with metal to be melted could come.

We got to the corner and Garry pulled into the base of someone’s driveway. I clambered out and went to take some pictures. While I was shooting, half a dozen cars wouldn’t drive through my piece of road. I was taking pictures. They didn’t want to ruin my shots. I had no idea what was going on because, like most photographers, I was paying no attention to anything but the pictures. I looked up and everyone waved to me and drove on.

I shouted thank you and they waved back.

That’s why we live here. Not in the city. Out here, people are nice. No special reason, but because they are like that. Isn’t that lovely? With all the awful stuff going on … something charming happens.

12 thoughts on “ON THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING …”

  1. We really have to plan those photo safaris. We cannot pull over on our roads, but I can take walks locally or Mr Swiss and I decide to drive somewhere photographic. I know how you feel to visit other places and get fresh input for the camera.


    1. We have roads that are wide enough for us to park, but that’s mostly in town. Outside, roads a really narrow. Aside from all the other problems, you pull over and someone will whack you with their car. So we have to know there’s a place to park anywhere we go too. Mostly/

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    1. No really, we are retired. I know this by the lack of pay slips we get when we don’t work!

      Forge house is one of the weird local historical places. It is in the middle of nowhere AND on a really unfortunate road turning. You can see about 20 feet after you turn, but cars coming down the road won’t see you until they hit you.

      Most people are smart enough to take that last couple of hundred feet slowly, but we have dumb drivers who think driving fast everywhere is always good form.


      1. No Doubt from a slower-paced time before automobiles.

        We have more than our share of those drivers too – i put it down to a feeling like they have to keep up with the pace of change. Maybe i’m getting old(er) but i don’t believe the current rates are sustainable for much longer.



        1. I think we’re already beyond sustainable rates. It isn’t what anyone wants to hear, especially around here. But it’s true. We have more cars than people in families. it’s not unusual to see 4 cars in a family of 3. That’s absurd. And lethal.

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          1. Yep – you guys surpassed sustainable a long time ago, but you were buffered by the rest of the world being so far behind (mostly). It is not physically possible, but just imagine what would happen if a billion Chinese and another billion Indians all achieved your level of consumerism (We’d need 4 more planets like Earth just for the raw materials and God only knows what the extra pollution would do 😦 )

            It IS unwelcome (inconvenient!) news to those of us who have had it relatively good but it is inescapable that it is unsustainable and something has to ‘give’.

            Those in denial better wake up fast – we probably have an obligation to help somehow.


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