Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green

Spring is here, but the green, not so much. the snow is still melting and while some shoots are coming up, nothing is flowering and no crops are growing. In a few weeks, we will be green and flowery. In the meantime, here are greens of years past.

Because Pat reminded me 🙂
I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

31 thoughts on “GOING GREEN”

    1. Our money is pretty much ALL green, though some of the brand new money has other shade too. That’s why they always call American money “greenbacks.” If they change the color, all those movies would be wrong! Imagine that!


        1. Leslie, last night we were watching a 2012 TCM interview — Peter O’Toole and Robert Osborne. O’Toole was then 79 and quite a pleasant guest for the affable Osborne. At one point, O’Toole apologized for “drifting” as he spun stories and asked Osborne to “pull him back” when necessary. Everyone laughed.

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    1. It snowed here, too. Not a lot, but it was definitely snow. I keep trying to explain to people that the calendar is one thing. WE are another! It’s COLD here. Really cold and windy and not even remotely springlike.


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