There was nothing in my world of photography that came anywhere near the wonderful windingness of Paula’s road, so this is my one winding (but not really, really winding) road.

jupiter najnajnoviji

15 thoughts on “A WINDING PATH”

  1. I don’t do this challenge, just don’t have the time for them all, but the winding paths are always interesting to see. Switzerland has plenty because of the mountains in between.


    1. We have many long, winding roads, but they are very narrow. Without safe shoulders on which to park the car, the roads are almost impossible to photograph. That’s what I meant the other day. It’s not a lack of winding, but it IS a lack of somewhere safe to put the car while you shoot.


    1. Thanks! I’m sure it will, should we ever actually get something like spring weather. This is SO typically New England. We don’t GET spring weather. It stays nasty and cold, then one day in the middle of May, EVERYTHING blooms between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. One of these days, I’ll get the pictures. I always mean to do it and I always get caught in the glory of the moment as suddenly, the weather just flips around. Meanwhile, what we have here is the end of winter, but at least it stopped snowing.

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    1. It’s the entry path to the Kennedy Museum in Hyannis on the Cape. At the end of the twisting line is a huge bronze sculpture of a Native American. The Kennedy family used to be our own little Royal household, for like — three generations? Maybe again too. The compound is still there, as beautiful as ever. I think Caroline is going to run.

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