Three months after entering office, Drumpf got a whacking. He has gotten past other whacks, including people murmuring “treason” when his name comes up. That’s a little something to look forward to in our near future.

Today’s whacking was political … but it was more than that. It was also an unmistakable recognition that our system works. Turns out, 45 doesn’t run the government. If he wants to get anything done, he will will need help.

From …  gasp …


Which was exactly what I expected because I can add on my fingers. (I hope you are impressed.)

Although Republicans are in power, the question remains: “What do you mean by Republicans?” This isn’t the GOP of old. Although in power, the party has razor-thin numbers. Moreover, the GOP is cracked up the middle and down both sides. The party has been breaking apart for years. It’s not unlike what happened to the Democrats when the “Dixiecrats” finally broke from the Democratic Party and moved to the other side. Tea Party ultra-rightists have been holding the GOP for ransom since 2008. This week they did to their own party what they have done to the Democrats for all eight Obama years.

They said no.

First, the White House tried to create a policy that would have been unpopular with everyone. That should have satisfied the right wingers, but it wasn’t evil enough. They wanted it all and when they didn’t get it, they said no. The failed attempt to ameliorate the ultra-right turned the moderates from “I’ll think about it” to “absolutely no way.”

Meanwhile, the media was having a great time. They deserved it. Personally, I felt like it was Watergate all over again. Me and the television, watching in utter fascination as the process played out.

And so our president realized — for the first time — he could not count on his party to vote for him or his policies. To accomplish anything, he will have to reach across that long,  empty aisle and find Democrats willing to work to create policies that might benefit the people of this country. We’re not there yet, but the numbers are numbers. Unless this administration wants to go out on a record of nothing, they will have to … gasp …


Drumpf thought he could yell at everyone. Twist arms. It didn’t work. In the end, politicians don’t work for the president. They work for voters. Election is the thing they can’t escape. Some of them may even have had other reasons, like a belief that voters deserved better healthcare than this monstrosity of a bill. After all these years, the Republican Party did not have a plan. For the past eight years, all they had to do was say no to everything. Now, they needed real legislation. Ideas. Policies.

Forty-five is blaming Democrats, but no one is buying it.

He’s the boss. His party owns both houses of congress. Failure to gain a simple majority goes to the top. No amount of pointing at the Democrats or anyone else will change it. Legislators will finally have to sit down together and create a plan. For everyone. Lives are at stake and no one wants to be the one who tells tens of thousands of voters they’ve been cast adrift to live or, more likely, die.

So what’s next? Anyone want to make a guess what will happen in the months to come? Three down, forty-five months to go.

It is going to be very interesting.

18 thoughts on “EVENTUALLY, YOU WIN”

  1. As you said, our system does work! What’s next? My guess is that the same will happen with tax reform. Then we’ll flap around with smaller issues, and eventually (maybe 2 years from now) come back to health care and tax reform to try again. It’s crazy-making!


    1. Well, if we are very lucky, they will manage to accomplish the same nothing they accomplished under Obama. Nothing seems to be what they do best. Maybe that’s just as well. IF we are VERY VERY lucky, a lot of these weasels will disappear in 2018 and we’ll get newer, better weasels in their place. Maybe we’ll get a few who actually care enough about us to try and make some laws that will work for us. I can hope!

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  2. I sincerely doubt OId 45 “realized” anything. I was pretty sure the legislators would not vote against their constituency since Old 45 doesn’t employ them; we do. I’m happy for how this turned out; the only outcome that would have been better (IMO) is for them to have voted and it not to have passed, but this is absolutely wonderful, great and fine. This is two strikes — no travel ban, no health bill. I’m proud of us.

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    1. If we keep at it, maybe they will accomplish NOTHING. That would be the best of all. I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder for a cause and that includes marching. i’m at this computer every day, trying to find a way to say what i want to say without beating the world over the head. Again. I am really glad I have other people on this blog who can do some of the mental pounding. IF it were all up to me, I’d sound like a revolving bicycle wheel. Well. Three down. Forty-five to go.

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        1. I think this is one of the things I wanted to see. BUT I also think all the pressure from us — voters — is making a difference too. Judges and legislators see. hear, and get it, even if they don’t want to admit it. The judges tend to go with the flow of human events. The legislators want to be reelected. But you don’t know until you see it work and this is just two months. There ARE 46 to go!

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  3. Turns out – running a government and passing policy isn’t easy? Who Knew?? 😉

    Am glad for the way things have worked out so far, but let’s face it, Donald knows nothing about health-care or Immigration other than slogans. And big business is not overly interested either. When it comes to things Donald and Big Business have in common (like environmental non-policy and tax cuts) i don’t think things will go as well?

    People may still have some power, but lets see how much when big money comes into the picture. 😦



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