So this is changing one color photo to black and white. Since black and white isn’t black and white like it used to be, I tried it a few ways.

Full color

And something a bit different.

Some color …
More contrast plus some color
Black and white


15 thoughts on “COLOR VERSUS BLACK & WHITE”

  1. I like the transformation. They’re using this color transformation in the FX mini-series, “Feud: Bette and Joan”. It’s a nice back and forth time travel device sans words.


          1. I just fielded a question, by a studio engineer colleague, related to my business. I was asked if I mixed what I record live on the fly to a final product. I answered that I was able to, and had done so for years while working for the classical radio station. Our schedule was so tight that there was little time left for post production. I got pretty good at this “seat of the pants” way of working. Now, of course, I’ve gotten a little lazy as there is software that will allow me to do a simultaneous multi-track and mix later, or “fix it in the mix” as the saying goes. I guess the correlation here is that I felt much better getting it as close to right up front, as I did, also, in my photographic efforts. Yeah I diddled with things in the darkroom while printing but that too was limited. In film, there is nothing like a great negative to start with. I just don’t want to depend too much on software to make my photos pop.


            1. I don’t depend on the software to get a good shot, but I use software to crop, straighten, and sometimes just to have some fun with the photography. I’m beginning to really enjoy the software and the filters. It’s nice to enjoy it because it’s not a job. It’s fun. I still shoot too tight, but I HAVE learned to leave a little room to straighten a crooked picture or fix a distorted one.


              1. While my comment was strictly my personal approach.., HURRAY! for having FUN. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t having fun using software to polish an otherwise good recording or photo. What often surprises me is that, like you, I sometimes find there is little to do other than cropping or straightening a shot. I guess what I really mean is that the more you have in your original, the less you need to do in post. It goes with the old saying “You can’t polish a turd.”


    1. I started working on them and they were an accident, at first. Then i realized i could gauge how much of the brightest color i could leave in the picture. And how I had to set up to picture to make it work. It doesn’t work with every picture, so it’s a bit of a toss of the dice πŸ˜€

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