SYMBIOSES means — biologically — an interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. And non-biologically, a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups. In both cases, it sounds like our dogs.


How much more symbiotic could a relationship possibly be? Our dogs are happy. They are happy to be with each other, but happier to be with us — and each other. They make us happy by being anywhere in the room with us, even if they are pouting for lack of a treat, or huffing and puffing as we scratch them behind their ears or whatever.

Dogs are insanely symbiotic for us as we are to them.

Mutually beneficial? We have a good handle on that. Four different types of treat, not counting anything leftover from dinner and at least two new dog toys every month. Meanwhile, they make us feel like we’ve a reason to get up in the morning.

Dogs. Making us crazy, making us happy.

13 thoughts on “SYMBIOTIC DOGS”

  1. That connect can be magical. I’ve had cats in my life since I was in a playpen (and have the pictures to prove it), and with only a slight gap, it’s been pretty constant. That’s a LOT of cats over 70 years. Omg that’s a lot of years, too

    I love dogs, but the care factor for me outweighs the rest of it, especially out here. But yeah, I get it. For some people it’s horses, for some it’s dogs, or turtles or goldfish, or cats. At some point you somehow imprint on a particular kind of animal and you know you’re hooked for life.

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    1. I can’t even imagine life without pets. We used to have cats, but for us, the destruction they wrought in the house was a bit much. Not to mention their refusal to live inside and a tendency to get run over. So for now, it’s dogs. Could be horses, if I were younger 🙂

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  2. If it weren’t for my furbabies, I think my life would be a whole lot darker. Well, I’d have the hubby. But the furbabies bring both of us a lot of joy. Even though they’re all insane.


  3. Not that I am only a cat person, but I have never had a dog. Mr. Swiss grew up with them, His father had many dogs for hunting, but they always had one or two home dogs. The tragedy (and also with cats) is when they have to go, either by accident or illness. I have now been through it twice and Tabby seems to be the toughest of them all. Cats are loners basically, but when the cat feels like it, with emphasis on the cat, they can be furry and lovable. We are really just their staff.


    1. We had cats for years. Lots of them. I had cats AND dogs most of the time. Garry, apartment dweller, had cats because dogs were impractical where he lived. When we got together, I had a cat and he had three and they all hated each other, so I gave away my cat. Then we moved and got a dog, then another dog, and one cat died, then another died. And finally, the last best of our cats died and he was such a brilliant and wonderful cat, i couldn’t even imagine getting another cat. He was the cat of cats, the funniest, smartest cat ever and also, the most destructive. He tore our house to pieces. He shredded our condo, all three floors of it. Shortly thereafter, we moved out and put in a doggy door, which is fine for the dogs, but …

      We live on a busy road. There aren’t a lot of cars, but they move fast. People wind up dead on this road, one of the top three most dangerous roads in the state. I haven’t let a cat out into the “real world” in years. Too dangerous. Especially with all the wild predators, any of whom would happily eat a cat for lunch. Twice. I can’t keep them in and I won’t let them out, so no cats for now. Also, since we stopped having cats, I’ve gotten all these expensive, breakable antique pots and stuff … and I just wonder if they would survive a kitten, much less a cat. We’ve talked about it, but for now, two dogs is more than enough.

      But we have had wonderful cats. Brilliant cats and I miss them. Just … not in this house, not right now. Maybe eventually. We are NOT anti cat. We are just against cats getting run over in the road or mauled by wild animals. Or destroying the house. Again.

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