1. These are very slow growing. It has taken me ten years to grow that one … and it isn’t all that big. Your best bet? Buy a good sized one at a nursery. I got mine as cuttings from a friend, but I’m thinking of going and actually buying a big one. They bloom often and are really easy to care for.

      The way to get them to bloom is to put them by a window and NOT use electric lights. They sync to the natural light and that’s what makes them bloom. Also, ONLY water them when they are really dry. But the natural light is critical. If they get a lot of electricity, they won’t bloom. My dining room is rarely used, so they have a good window. When they were in my living room, they almost never bloomed.

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      1. I had one about 10 years ago and that was spectacular. I had to put it in a very big pot, and that was full of flowers. The one I now have is looking promising and has large healthy leaves, but no flowers up to now. I was planning to put it outside during the summer, but with the outside work on the building I do not know if it will be possible. The reason I no longer had my super sized christmas cactus, was because a couple of flowers fell to the floor and our cat, Fluffy, ate one. They are not good for animals and the vet had to give him medicine and warned us that they were definitely not good for animals, so I threw my old plant away. Now we only have Tabby, and she does not interest herself for plants, so it should be OK.


  1. Your Christmas is in Spring?? Well, why not – ours is in Summer!!

    We call them Zygocactus here, Zygo’s for short. Have only ever thought of them as an outdoor plant… but i guess they don’t do so well over there in Winter huh?

    Curiously enough ours are a mass of blooms – in the Winter! They are really easy here to propagate from a broken stem, but do take a season or two to fully bloom. I’ll try putting up a pic of mine soon.

    Nice photo – i assume you used a filter for the painting-like effect?



    1. My Christmas is about every three months. That’s when the cactus bloom. Christmas, March, June, October, etc. It comes around about every three months. It’s a very good bloomer. Yes, a filter for the painting, but there are others which are just the flower. Mood thing.


  2. I have a Christmas cactus that belonged to my grandmother. I’ve had to cut it back many times and it has a lot of woody growth but it still blooms. Its a delightful splash of colour for this time of year.


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