I’ve been watching the Trump administration for two months. And now I’m less panicked about the future of the country than I was before the inauguration. A great deal of harm will be done on many fronts. But I believe that less damage will get done than anticipated because of the three INs – INfightIng, INcompetence and INertia.

To be specific, the IN-fighting in the Congress, the INcompetence of the white House and the INertia of the bureaucracy. With these three factors working in our favor, INefficiency and INeffectiveness are INevitable. So we can all take a deep breath and relax. A little bit.

The Republicans in congress are their own worst enemies. They have a large bloc of extreme, right-wing ‘Freedom Caucus’ members who refuse to compromise on anything. Not that other Republicans are fans of negotiation and compromise either. But compromise was how things used to get done. Now no Republican wants to give an inch, so little will get done.

After seven years hating Obamacare, the Republicans had no legislation. No plan. Which is all the better for the rest of the country. Most people want healthcare which at least covers common medical problems. Chalk this win up to INfighting, with a little help from INcompetence.

The White House is the second factor in this equation. It’s drowning in INcompetence and INeptitude. From the top down. The Executive Branch is led by an INfantile, delusional, demented “president.” His rogue tweets keep everyone from focusing on important matters. Instead, the White House flunkies have to run around doing damage control about the latest debunked conspiracy theory or ‘alternative facts’ their boss has spouted.

Apart from the crazy trickling down from the top, everyone in the White House is way out of their depth. No one knows how the government is supposed to work, let alone what they are supposed to do. They’re trying to learn on the job. Let’s hope it takes them four years to figure it out. In the meantime, INcompetence is our friend.

The last element in our favor, is the INherent INertia of the federal bureaucracy. Now, Trump wants to drastically reduce the budgets and staffing requirements in all non-military agencies. He probably won’t succeed. There’s a huge, largely INdependent bureaucracy in place. It goes about its day-to-day business no matter who is in the White House. Republican or Democrat.

All Presidents have complained about how long it takes to get anything changed in the career government offices. Much like trying to turn an aircraft carrier around, it takes a lot of effort and it happens very slowly.

With the help of three INs, it will take a long time to make the threatened policy changes. If the first two months are an indication of how effective these clowns will be, we just have to worry that they might accidentally accomplish something. If Progressives stay organized and motivated, we can stall this train wreck. Maybe even derail it completely!


  1. This is excellent — exactly how I feel. I think that, due to the infighting and the ineptitude within Congress, we may see radical change within the House in 2 years, with more change in 2 more years. The problems with the Trump/Ryan healthcare bill were just what needed to happen, and hopefully they will be repeated with the even-more-complicated tax reform issues coming up next. It’s been awful, and may not be much better for the coming few years, but I agree that we should all relax a little at this juncture, even as we maintain vigilance!

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      1. While the Progressive enthusiasm may be there in 2018, the numbers in congress are bad for the Democrats. It will be hard to win back the Senate because so many more Dems are up for election than Republicans. House won’t be easy either. But we can increase our numbers in the House and try to stay stable in the Senate.


    1. I’m less concerned about the congress and major bills being passed now. The real problem is that a lot of damage is being done day by day with executive orders and orders to stop enforcing (or eliminating) regulations. The effects on climate change will be felt almost immediately. Consumer protections will disappear, as will financial regulations, etc., etc. We can’t do anything but sit back and watch in horror!

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      1. Very true — and the damage is global, in our relations with other countries, with climate change, with trade relations, and so forth — not just to America. I think I’ve decided that “Make America Great Again” was meant to mean that we have the biggest, mostest, meanest military might in the world. The one thing we can do is to make ourselves heard — by signing petitions, writing to Congressmen, and so forth. The damage

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        1. We just have to keep at it. Some of the stuff that’s going on it genuinely horrible and will only get worse, especially the damage to the planet and our air and water and creatures. if I think about it all at the same time, I will go nuts. So I try to deal with it one issue at a time.


        2. I am most worried about the environment, civil rights and foreign affairs. Particularly foreign affairs where there is little counterbalance to Trump and his crazies in the White House. His real estate lawyer and his son-in-law are in charge of Middle East peace talk. Oy Vay!

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  2. otherwise known as napping with one eye partially open. Just in case.

    I was also thinking, while reading this, of the “im-” in all of this: imploding.They may just get so mired in their own vat that the entire thing implodes. No one will be able to go near the site for weeks, until the toxic mess has been washed out of the floors, but it would be worth the wait.

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    1. We all fondly hope! But I have to admit, of all the outcome I foresaw, this wan’t one of them. Who could have imagined this much … stupidity? I knew 45 was a moron, but they ALL seem to be pretty much dumb, dumber, or so far out there in the netherworld of whatever you call it, there’s no one in charge.

      Which sort of worries me.

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      1. I agree. During the campaign, some part of me hoped that maybe Trump actually was a good businessman and had some common sense and maybe a few good men in his crew. But those hopes have been totally dashed. We’re doomed to watch endless stupidity as well as the three ‘in’s’.


    2. One of the reasons I read the news every day is in the hopes of finding more evidence that will eventually cause the implosion. The steady drip, drip, drip of information on the Russian connection should do the trick in time. Hopefully everything will hit the fan sooner rather than later.

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  3. We knew he’d be bad. We knew the policies would be horrendous. We did NOT count on the incredible, astounding level of incompetence. We didn’t realize that the level of incompetence could take them down like this. It’s … amazing. Really, truly amazing. Often hilarious, with some gagging in between. I’m waiting for unexplained political corpses to show up. Call NCIS!! Gibbs can fix it!

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    1. Americans mistrust, bordering on hatred, of their Government and it’s officials was the reason they (only just) elected in someone who was most definitely NOT another government type guy. Now we can see why it’s probably a good idea to elect someone with some appropriate experience of government to the Top Job.



      1. Only very ignorant and unsophisticated people could possibly have thought that someone with no government experience would be a good person the RUN THE GOVERNMENT! People also assume that government employees have a monopoly on corruption. Aren’t corporate types always getting into trouble for embezzlement, corruption, nepotism, etc.? Why should anyone assume that just because you’re not a government insider, you are automatically squeeky clean, honest and open? This whole fiasco election was so mind bogglingly stupid on so many levels!

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        1. Exactly! Two cases in point – bosses of Volkswagen and of Rolls Royce. Latter fined 671 million pounds for engaging in large scale bribery to gain overseas contracts worth billions! Trumpet isn’t so much draining the swamp as replacing the mud with quicksand!



    1. The three ‘in’s’ came to me while talking to my husband. They’re my mantra now to stay sane. They will save us, unless corruption, collusion and treason don’t get there first.

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  4. I wish I was as optimistic as you seem to be. But we already have the Dakota Access pipeline and today news that SCROTUM has signed an exec order to roll back the Obama-era climate protections, saying it will help create more jobs.


    1. Hopefully some of these executive orders will be struck down by the courts. And many have to be enacted or confirmed by the Congress. They all have to be enforced through the bureaucracy. But you’re right, many will slip through and do major damage. My point is that it could be much worse if we had any degree of intelligence or competence in the White House or Congress. So we have to focus on the small victories and the limits on what the Republicans can realistically accomplish.


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