Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters I or J

Icicle. Definitely.

It’s a Jeep




17 thoughts on “AYE, CAPTAIN JAY!

    • My son is a big “junkyard” guy. Especially for tires. He says a lot of junked cars are new and the tires are perfect. So we were looking for tires (we found them) and it was pouring rain and I brought the camera. Voila. Junk!

      Those were the giant icicles on my window a couple of years ago. They are hard to shoot. I may go back and see if Ii can do more with them, but that was the best of that particular batch. I’m grateful we haven’t gotten more of them. They are heavy and dangerous and can really ruin the roof!


  1. OMG those are spectacular! the “icicle treatment” for lack of a better term is spellbinding and I love the vehicle (jeep) I don’t know cars, is awesome too and that shot of the junkyard, OMG truly splendiferous! thank you for sharing these!!!!


    • The junkyard was a great place to shoot. Lots of weird shapes, twisted metal, etc. As for the icicles, they are beautiful, but they are heavy, dangerous, and they destroy roofs and shingles, so I’m glad we haven’t had more of them this year.


  2. If you look at the centre piece of the icicle there is so much internal detailing and it’s just lovely. The junk yard makes me feel sad. Some of those cars aren’t very old. They must have been in an accident. The Jeep is spunky and ready to go.


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