1. I am in love with the second shot. I can’t really tell why I love it better than others. It is not only for the structure that is more attractive than the ones in other images, but the tones, the position of the tree, the angle, the light, the view in front. There, I seem to know why I like it better after all. That said, it does not mean that I don’t like your other two shots, but this one is something else. Thank you, Marilyn. It is a joy to look at your work.


    1. I think it is the angle of the structure. I think angular structures are far more appealing to our eyes. i kind of got that from spending a lot of hours studying the work of other photographers, especially Eisenstadt who was “king of angled photo entry.” I learned a lot trying to copy his work. Eventually, I actually got to know the guy and I realized he didn’t have any of this stuff in his head. He just “did it.” He saw an image. He shot. The angles, the colors, the design were there and he found them.


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