We got the taxes done. Bonnie was still feeling poorly. We came back from getting taxes done and lo and behold, she is feeling better. Better enough to want my sandwich. Which I gave her. Because she hadn’t eaten in days, so what kind of doggy mom would hold back on the sandwich? I thought maybe we’d try her out on upgraded canned dog food. She ate a little of it. Gibbs happily ate the rest. But cold cuts? That she was definitely into. She is still looking a bit peaked, but it’s a far cry from yesterday, so I moved the vet appointment to Wednesday.

What seems to be going on is that she eats something. I have no idea what, but I can guess. The dogs have a fully enclosed yard. Big space for two smallish dogs. Then, she eats something. Paper? Tree bark? Dirt? Whatever it is, it blocks her up and she gets all bloated and sick and then, a few days later, she’s better.

I would take her to the vet if I thought there was a chance of them figuring out what’s wrong with her. This isn’t the first, second, or third time this has happened. Last time … almost a year ago … it was a $600 bill. No medication. Just “wait it out.” Which we did. She got better.

This time, I thought maybe I should skip the $600 and wait it out, at least a few days. What happens when we do go to the vet is that they poke around and find nothing. They take x-rays. See nothing. Offer to run several thousand more dollars worth of tests, which we really can’t afford and usually, they find nothing.

So this time, after she decided she could eat a pound of cold cuts, we thought we’d give her a couple more days to see how she fares. She isn’t vomiting. No diarrhea. No fever. She is willing to eat … if we have food of which she approves.

This is where my desire to be a great dog mom bumps into my desire to not bankrupt us. So I deferred the vet appointment to Wednesday. Let’s see how she is doing in a couple of days. These are times when I fervently wish my dog could tell me what’s going on. Is Bonnie sick? Not so much as five hours ago. Why is she unwell? I’m guessing it’s something she ate … but I have NO idea what, though my guess is paper. She steals it, hides it, and chews on it. Gets sick.

We are getting a little money back on taxes and Bonnie looks better. So it’s already a superior day to what we expected. I hope this isn’t one gigantic hold-out for an upgrade in food prep.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. Retired! Yay!

25 thoughts on “BUSY, BUSY – PART BETA”

  1. I’m a big fan of “wait and see.” When my dogs have an upset stomach, what they like is me to boil rice and tuna or rice and chicken. Sometimes I throw in an egg. They love it. Bear used to get an upset stomach frequently and that always squared her away.


    1. She just threw up anything she tried to eat. Today though, she ate and kept it all down. She has this three day cycle. Two full days of drinking water, eating nothing … then she starts to get better. This is that third day and she’s better. Like usual. I will have to try the chicken and rice next time. I was trying all sorts of other things, but not that.

      If she doesn’t like it, I can eat it. Meanwhile, Gibbs has been joyously eating everything she won’t eat. EVERYTHING.

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      1. Goodie, Goodie she’s approaching being normal. I’m with ya on giving her that dang sandwich.., it’ll probe;y her more good than you. “A hungry dog is a good dog?”


  2. I am so happy that Bonnie is now better. Believe it or not but it was a theme on our side of the Pond. We feel so bad when our animals feel bad I know. You never know what they eat outside. They will try anything. I had a water can full of rain water, but not fresh. Tabby has fresh water inside and a bowl outside, but no, she has to stick her head in the watering can with its biotope. I have now emptied it.


    1. I have no idea what she eats. From looking at her … dirt? pieces of fallen trees? Some strange creature? Toads? Being a dog, she doesn’t connect eating whatever it was with being sick, so she’ll do it again. I had a cat who used to try to eat toads. Fortunately, the toads were reluctant to be consumed, thus saving the day … but who know what she find and thinks is yummy?

      As of right now, the only thing she wants are cold cuts. Especially ham. Not the cheap stuff, but the expensive stuff.


      1. lol you’ve brought her up well. Only the best.

        I had a hound years back, and he would occasionally get that upset stomach, he’d not eat, just go hide somewhere and we all could listen to his tummy rumbling and gurgling, sometimes 24 hours worth. it was distressing to hear, but usually he was better the next day.
        On a whim I started giving him a small blob of peanut butter and it had a wonderful lowkey laxative effect. Works for humans, too, I found. Maybe you could entice her with that?


        1. We did peanut butter. She would eat a little bit, but barely. It did make her thirsty, which is good. She needed to drink. Basically, she wanted to be left alone to let whatever horrible thing she ate digest. I have to learn to not panic when a dog is sick. It’s just that a year ago, we lost four dogs in six months. It left a mark. But peanut butter is THE food when all else fails, though Martha’s chicken plus rice might be worth a shot. Meanwhile, since Gibbs gets to eat everything Bonnie won’t eat, he is SO happy.


  3. Glad to hear she’s feeling better. You have to wonder what they’re doing to the dog food. Our daughters’s dog has spells like that.


    1. I think it’s stuff they eat outside … or stuff they find in the house that you would NEVER imagine they would want to eat. They will chow down on old newspaper and pieces of cardboard. WHY? I had an English Setter who decided to chow down on wet cement. It couldn’t have tasted good. No matter how careful you are, they just EAT.

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    1. You can only get pet insurance here for puppies. After a dog is a year old, you can’t get it. And the insurance is very expensive too.

      Upset tummies are really common for dogs. I’m betting that they eat a lot of stuff that isn’t food. Why do they do that? I have to get over my terror that each thing is some kind of catastrophe. My problem is that some of the recent stuff to hit our dogs WAS catastrophic. It can be hard to know the difference!


  4. It seems obvious to me what the problem is with Bonnie. Before you went to get your taxes done, she was sick. You got home and she was better. That’s exactly how I am when I have to get my taxes done. She probably was anxious, thinking she’d have to find work to help out around the house!


    1. You are so funny. Well, I certainly felt better after we got the taxes done! And I was also really pleased i didn’t have to blow it all on vet bills. Talk about no health insurance, the price of vets omigod!


        1. Paying totally SUCKS. We used to have an accountant who ALWAYS got us almost all our money back. Then, he up and died. It was cruel, but we were stunned. Who was going to do our taxes? We never got anyone as good as he was, ever. I am useless with taxes. Fortunately, we have AARP people who do it. Phew.


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