We get our taxes done this morning … and when we are done, we take Bonnie to the vet. No, she isn’t better … or at least not better enough. She hasn’t eaten a meal in three days. She drinks water, but won’t eat … except for Greenies. She ate three of them this morning, but threw up on the fourth.

So we’ll be out most of the day today. Just letting you know. It’s much earlier than we usually start our day … and tomorrow will be the same, because it’s my oncology day (always my favorite).

See you (for real) on Wednesday.

A good day for all, I hope. Especially for Bonnie.

24 thoughts on “BUSY, BUSY”

    1. I was hoping it would work itself out. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Usually, it’s a day or two and then she’s fine. But she isn’t fine. And I really wanted to take her to the vets that KNOW her. Going to an unknown vet is both terribly expensive and often not very workable. They don’t know her, don’t have her records. I’m worried, though. Three days of no food is a long time. At least she is drinking water.


      1. At least i know she is in good hands, cos as much as i’d love to – i don’t think there is very much else i can do from here ! If it happens infrequently do you think she could have been bitten by something, or something she might eat outside? Praying all goes well and nothing exciting happens with your onc.



        1. No. There’s nothing to bite her and anyway, each time this has happened, it was something she ate. This time, I think it may have been the stuffing in a toy. We found it this evening — the last of the two hedgehogs.

          I may have to get rid of the stuffed toys and get on only UNstuffed ones.


  1. good luck with bonnie–it’s so much harder with animals, all they can do is look at you, all you can do is worry. Just a thought: could it be the greenies?

    And good luck on all those other fronts, too. ((hugs to you and Bonnie both))

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  2. My sister recently has a couple of episodes like this with her dog who is five. A couple of expensive trips to the vet for scans and he seems OK again but we still don’t really know what was wrong as they didn’t find anything. It’s very worrying isn’t it? I hope you will get some good news about Bonnie.


    1. That’s the problem. This is maybe the fourth time it has happened? They NEVER find anything and it always pretty much takes care of itself. I’m sure they eat something horrible. Toads or dead mice or something disgusting. And all dogs who are outside do it, even if they are on a leash. It’s amazing how quickly a dog can eat something that is not merely inedible, but entirely revolting. It’s why I didn’t run to the vet this time. We’re thousands of dollars into “I don’t know. Just wait, it’ll go away.”

      I’m pretty sure it’s something she ate. But WHAT did she eat? Do I want to know?


      1. My sister was worried because her dog couldn’t keep food down and was losing weight, he’s a small dog so hecan’t afford to lose much. He’s fine again now but not knowing means you can’t take preventative measures. As you say dogs that spend any time outside do eat disgusting things and you can’t watch them 24/7.

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