Because you are you NOW, but who might you be in another time or place? Karma has long reach. No one is exempt from those sticky, curling fingers.

Passing Through

Do not jostle for your places, for you’re fully in our view.
We have the V.I.P. seats here in your cosmic zoo.
Perhaps you sense our presence, but there”s nothing you can do
to see us for it’s set up so we’re only viewing you.

We see who you turn into each time you’re born anew.
One lifetime you’re a Muslim, and another you’re a Jew—
your choice of birth determined by your placement in the queue.
It’s purely arbitrary which person will be you.

You might become the very thing that now you most eschew,
but there’s no one to object to. There’s no one you can sue,
for the world that you’re reborn to was made by folks like you,
and the life you’ve made for who you’ll be might be a life you’ll rue.

This revelation should not be coming out of the blue.
It’s one that’s often explained by the mystic or guru.
If you love this lifetime where the cat’s meow is you,
please hold onto your passport, for you’re only passing through.

The prompt today was passport.

Source: lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown: Passing Through



  1. I really LOVE this poem. And I don’t usually like poetry, but this one speaks to me. I get chills from the final two lines:

    “If you love this lifetime where the cat’s meow is you,
    please hold onto your passport, for you’re only passing through.”

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  2. Lovely,Judy!

    Speaking of Karma, may K have a steady reach through the misty mid region and into the White House.
    April is the cruelest month….


    1. We are too poor to get much back, but it beats out the years when we paid. It is ironic. We paid SO MUCH MONEY in taxes over the years, we could have supported a small country. For all the money we put in, we should have gotten more than this pittance back out. OH well. it could be much worse. Much. Worse.


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