A Photo a Week Challenge: Two Materials

Before I could figure out what to do with this, I needed to know what the words mean. Because there is “material” and “materiel.” I’m good with words, but I never remember which is which. So if you are confused:

Unless you are using tanks in your pictures, I think definitely material.

Almost everything in our world is made up of more than a one material. Furniture, appliances … virtually everything we use is compounded. Natural things are complex too. A tree it isn’t wood. It’s sap, leaves, roots and more. The air is full of dust and other natural (and not so natural) particles.

I’m looking for a thing made up of only two things. To make this work, I will have to count compounded material as “one” thing, and “other” stuff as “another thing.”

Two materials, metal and glass. At least externally.
Discounting the deck, the chairs are metal and fabric. Two parts, one chair.
Metal and glass.

8 thoughts on “TWO PARTS”

  1. After reading the first part of your post, I went back to mine to make sure I spelled it correctly. 😉 Thanks for the great info and for the wonderful pictures. Perfect for the challenge. Thanks for joining!


    1. I enjoyed it. I always forget which materi (a) (e) l is the right one. How inconvenient to have two words that sound identical and even LOOK the same, Whoever wrote English should rethink it. We need better spelling.

      Your challenges are always fun!

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