Yesterday was bright, but today, it’s back to rain and just a bit of sleet. Mostly icy drizzle. The woods are full of fog. Easy enough to photograph, but hard to process without losing the fog or the mood the fog creates, other worldly. Meanwhile, I’m lost trying to find the head of that bird. I know it’s there, but it appears exactly the same color as the tree.

12 thoughts on “WAITING FOR SPRING”

    1. We get a lot of mist in these hilly areas. Parts that are sloping downhill get quite foggy, especially spring and fall … and our woods slopes down from the house. It is often foggy early in the day. Usually it clears later — if the sun comes up, which I think it isn’t going to do today. We are getting a LOT of rain. It can be hard to shoot, or at least I find it difficult. Thank you!!


  1. I agree, he must be grooming. I have a “headless squirrel” photo caused by the same effect. If I tried to turn my head at that angle, I’d be in a neck brace for the rest of my life…


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