We are closing in on three months of Trump-o-Matic. It has been a wild and crazy ride.  Crisis, to calamity, catastrophe to cataclysm. Except instead of the fascist state we feared, we got the Keystone Kops. Which we did not expect.

As we  spend our energy trying to dethrone the morons, I want to believe someone is paying attention to the briefings Trump-o-Matic ignores. I read somewhere today he wants to get “raw” briefings. That would be raw intelligence data which hasn’t passed through any intelligence agencies for analysis. If you think his inability to read a piece of legislation is a hoot, think how boisterously merry we’ll feel when he tries to wend he way through raw intelligence briefings. Yes, I know he won’t do it himself. So let me rephrase it: what do you think Bannon will do with those raw briefings? Shiver me timbers, what a terrible idea.

NOTE: In a developing story happening now (April 5, 2017), Bannon has been removed as the White House chief strategist and removed from the National Security Council. This restores the director of national intelligence, CIA director, and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to full participation on the NSC’s inner circle, its principals committee. It doesn’t mean Bannon is “out” … but no one seems to know exactly what is going on.

We will have to check back with sources and see how this develops. Mildly encouraging, don’t you think? Even if he is still part of Trump’s “team,” at least he isn’t going to decide on whether or not we push a button and nuke the world. 

Trump-o-Matic managed to get elected, yet he is so incompetent he has been unable to cobble together a cabinet or a viable piece of legislation. We didn’t get the awful “version” of healthcare because his own party hated it. Well, to be fair, everyone hated it. It also turned out trying to strong-arm his party from far right to center didn’t work. I cannot begin to say how happy I am about that.

Considering one thing and another, I’m currently more worried about how much damage he will do to our environment than how many bills he’ll push through congress. You can undo a piece of legislation, but a polluted aquifer is forever.


He tried to declare the constitution obsolete and invalid. His followers cried Lock them up! Shoot them down! Ban them! We said: “Can he do that?” We thought he could.

It turned out, he couldn’t. The judicial system worked. Who knew? I’m always surprised when something works. Call me a skeptic. Overall, the system worked better than I expected. It hasn’t (yet) made Trump-o-Matic and his disgusting cronies disappear (which would be my best choice), but it has made them less terrifying and far funnier.

You know how you laugh hysterically when a thing isn’t really funny but it’s too awful to think about — so what can you do but laugh? That is our government. It is so disgusting and so far off the deep end of reality or surrealism, if you can’t laugh you’d have to hide under the bed until we turn this thing around. I seriously considered the whole hiding thing, but I’m too old. Under or over my bed, this is my life. I want to live it. Even with Trump-o-Matic in power.

Know that if Trump-o-Matic were even nominally more capable (and literate), he could have bullied his way into something like a dictatorship. Instead, he’s powering his way to an insane anarchy and utter chaos. I wouldn’t mind because sometimes, madness works for me. Except not all the folks in the “rest of the world” are USA-friendly. I am not a subscriber to believing everyone is out to get us, but some groups are out to get us.

While Trump-o-Matic is worrying about blocking Mexican immigrants and stealing the remaining few dollars left to the poor, the real bad guys are having their own bout of hilarity. Assuming those guys know how to laugh.

We have a president who can’t read briefings. He has no understanding of how anything — including the military — works. So, who’s on guard? Who is on the ramparts?

Meanwhile, back at the White House, they want raw intelligence data briefings. Yeah. That’s what I think too.



Photo: Garry Armstrong

We are insecure. We live in the middle of nowhere, so to actually get to our house and “do something,” there’s a hefty excursion involved. And, we are poor, so even if you got here, there’s not much worth taking. I’m not sure how much chewed dog toys go for on the open market, but I’m betting “not much” would be a good rule-of-thumb.

Happy days in the basket of safety

We are home most of the time anyway. The times when we are out are few and far between … and then, there are the dogs. We have had bigger ones, but not more alert and attentive dogs. Big soft dogs that sleep through everything except the potential excitement of a Milkbone are not nearly as dangerous to man and beast as they probably think.

Our little dogs at least let us know if someone is one the property — especially if they drive a car or truck. They have an intense desire to bark at anything which has an internal combustion engine.

So between not having expensive stuff that people could easily sell, being around a lot … and living in the boonies … if someone wants find a home to raid, we are probably not at the top of anyone’s list. Sometimes, security is knowing that you don’t need it.

And finally, something I learned long time ago and in a land far away: If the bad guys really want to get into your house? And you live in a regular house in a typical area with the usual locks and systems in place? They will find a way to do it. Especially if you live in an old house. There is always a window they can break, a door they can push open. There is no “safe” space for normal folks. There hasn’t been for a long time.

You can’t steal the sunrise

Get a couple of barky dogs. Don’t hang on to lots of expensive stuff for people to steal. No one really wants your 3-year-old computer or 10-year-old television. Or five-year old second-hand Jeep. All of which is too big and klutzy to carry off. Don’t buy a safe and don’t keep more than minimal cash.

You might want to relax and enjoy life. Now — there’s a unique concept!

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