Photo: Garry Armstrong

We are insecure. We live in the middle of nowhere, so to actually get to our house and “do something,” there’s a hefty excursion involved. And, we are poor, so even if you got here, there’s not much worth taking. I’m not sure how much chewed dog toys go for on the open market, but I’m betting “not much” would be a good rule-of-thumb.

Happy days in the basket of safety

We are home most of the time anyway. The times when we are out are few and far between … and then, there are the dogs. We have had bigger ones, but not more alert and attentive dogs. Big soft dogs that sleep through everything except the potential excitement of a Milkbone are not nearly as dangerous to man and beast as they probably think.

Our little dogs at least let us know if someone is one the property — especially if they drive a car or truck. They have an intense desire to bark at anything which has an internal combustion engine.

So between not having expensive stuff that people could easily sell, being around a lot … and living in the boonies … if someone wants find a home to raid, we are probably not at the top of anyone’s list. Sometimes, security is knowing that you don’t need it.

And finally, something I learned long time ago and in a land far away: If the bad guys really want to get into your house? And you live in a regular house in a typical area with the usual locks and systems in place? They will find a way to do it. Especially if you live in an old house. There is always a window they can break, a door they can push open. There is no “safe” space forΒ normal folks. There hasn’t been for a long time.

You can’t steal the sunrise

Get a couple of barky dogs. Don’t hang on to lots of expensive stuff for people to steal. No one really wants your 3-year-old computer or 10-year-old television. Or five-year old second-hand Jeep. All of which is too big and klutzy to carry off. Don’t buy a safe and don’t keep more than minimal cash.

You might want to relax and enjoy life. Now — there’s a unique concept!

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

46 thoughts on “SECURITY OR NOT? DON’T CHOOSE.”

  1. Love this one and it’s so true. Life with a couple of scruffy, colorful Scotties is pretty good. They are the stars of a daily, real life sit-com.

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  2. Sounds like you are far wealthier than some. It isn’t ‘stuff’ that matters. What really counts are the people you have in your life – and dogs of course πŸ˜‰
    Love your post, your honesty and your wonderful photographs. May you continue to relax, and enjoy life 😊


  3. No dogs here, just a sly cat that showed his claws this evening to the next door cat. Luckily Mr. Swiss to the rescue, that is the trouble with our security. We have to make sure she stays secure. Sometimes we would prefer to live somewhere away from it all, just us and no-one else. Our neighbour’s place was broken into in the middle of the afternoon and we did not even notice it.


    1. When we lived in Boston, more than half the people in the condo were police or some other law enforcement official. In Boston, you have to actually LIVE in the city to have a city job, so we were in a place that NO ONE was going near. When we had lived in a relatively pricey neighborhood before that, our cars, the apartment … everything was broken into. And for nothing. I think they did it for fun.


  4. I live in the middle of nowhere but it was found by a little thief who broke into the empty house and garages on the other hand I work from home so am here all the time and like to leave lights on so that keeps people unsure of when I go to sleep.


      1. Not to mention, do it with the least trouble encountered. Even an otherwise mild mannered dog, or barking pack, in your case, can be a deterrent. Most burglars are not killers.., they really don’t want trouble and, of course, would prefer not to be seen. So, wandering out to the sticks, for an occasional, heist is decidedly inconvenient. Your being at home, most of the time, is a big plus as well.


        1. You got it. If they have a choice of a house with barking dogs and a house without them? Or, for that matter, a house in the suburbs near better roads? We are not at the top of their list.


    1. Those are the good parts. The harder parts are very limited local services — the town simply doesn’t have money. Small population, hard to provide more than minimum help for just about anything. Also, no shopping worth discussing. Amazon is really important around here!

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      1. Yes I am sure there are challenges. Too bad people can’t change locations once in a while. Someone in a hectic, noisy area switching out with another living in a quiet, secluded area and vice versa. Then we would all have the best of all worlds.


          1. Well some have more than one and never visit them. Also, many in the Adirondacks build McCabins that take down the wilderness they are there to experience. Then they go out and realize the critters are nosey at night and there are bugs, then they stay inside or spray tons of insecticides. For me, living in a friendly relationship with nature is a wonderful experience. Don’t need a McCabin or McMansion – just a cozy home in a wooded area to share with some wildlife. Have a beautiful evening!!


            1. We have bugs. We have a LOT of bugs, some of which are poison. We are VERY careful about spraying, both because of the dogs and because of the birds who are terribly sensitive to all kind of things. Unfortunately, just because you live in your house and it is your ONLY house — it doesn’t mean you are careful about nature. Many neighbors could use a boot camp in NOT spraying poison around their premises. You don’t have to be rich to be stupid. You can be poor and stupid too. Stupid cuts across all levels of society.


              1. This is true. A woman who practices energy healing has her husband spray to kill everything possible in their yard and wonders why the birds die. So sad. We can only do what we have control over so I pick up garbage when I see it. Cut back on the amount of garbage I produce and work on living simply. Essential oils have worked on keeping ticks and mosquitos at bay when I’m hiking. May and June in the Adirondacks you feel like a human pin cushion with the no-see-ems, mosquitos and black flies. Nets are needed over you head along with long sleeves and pants. I still love it though.


  5. We used to own a corgi cross dog with a big bark. She scared off someone who was trying to break into our home once. We got home and found the screen off the bedroom window but Tessie was probably sleeping on our bed and soon sent the burglar on his way. Two other houses in our street were broken into that night instead.


  6. I live in a safe area but I got a little home alarm system just before Christmas. It’s one of those “smart” systems which sends me a text and whatnot if it triggers, and since the sensors are battery powered it was easy to install (sticky pads) and crucially it was cheap. Just a bit of peace of mind πŸ™‚


  7. Mmmmm, I know of a beautiful collection of porcelain dolls that I would like to .. erm… borrow (!) :D. Wonderful article, Marilyn πŸ™‚


  8. Love the photos! You’re insecure?? or Unsecure? I live in an inner city suburb and have not had a break in since i ceased employment – 15 years now. Being home is a good security system, not fool proof, but good.

    I’m hoping there was no bad news on either of your trips earlier?



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