I am not in denial. Well, maybe a little. Just enough so I can sleep at night. We all need a little denial these days. 

Here’s what happened with Bannon and the National Security Council. Or so I believe based on what I’ve read.

Flynn was Trump-o-Matic’s pick for the National Security Council, which is supposedly non-political. Its intent is to advise the president on military and international events. It isn’t supposed to be a party thing and purports to stand outside the political arena. This is the group that tells him the truth, even if he doesn’t like it.

When the Trump administration came to town, he gave Bannon – a top political adviser – a seat on that council. Beyond highly political and worse, Bannon is possibly beyond normal morality and maybe, in his own way, as wacko as his president. Not a National Security Council kind of guy. Simultaneously, Trump told military and intelligence officials they were not needed at “every meeting.” This set off flashing red lights all over the globe. Weeks later, Mike Flynn was forced out. His replacement forced Bannon out.

Take a look at THE DAILY SKIMM. They are excellent at explaining this stuff without getting so fancy you aren’t sure what they are trying to say. I read the LA Times, the Boston Globe, New Yorker and more, but when I need to get a down-to-earth explanation, the Skimm does it for me. It’s free. Try it.

It would be hard not to view this development as a good thing. At least in areas where our military and others are at mortal risk, relatively sane people are in charge.

Trump-o-Matic will probably not get those raw intelligence briefings after all. Can we take a deep breath and murmur “yay”?

Today rather than hysterical laughter, I am smiling a little. Breathing if not normally, then at least a lot better. There are people watching the ramparts.

But, we are not exactly in the clear. Trump-o-Matic is meeting with the Chinese today and even he doesn’t think this a meeting that will go well. All the while, he is pondering North Korea. And Syria. And still trying to blame Obama.

Aren’t we glad Bannon is out of the National Security Council? You should be and probably, so is the rest of the world.

To reiterate: We have a president who can’t read briefings, has no understanding of how the military works. He is meeting with the Chinese government and is thinking about nuclear options in North Korea.

What could possibly go wrong? 

17 thoughts on “I AM NOT IN DENIAL!”

  1. –And on a slightly lighter side, the politcal cartoonists and the press in general seem to be having a wonderful time with all of this, it’s as if the Donald was invented just so they could have someone interesting to skewer. The last time they had this much fun was when baby Bush was involved, and he ended up looking entirely too much like Alfred E. Neumann…

    I hope someone is keeping score, here. I’d not want us to get lost up there in the cheap seats with no way down to the exits…

    It’s also mildly comforting to know that someone, anyone, is paying attention down there and actually responding. I think they realized right from the git-go that they were dealing with Mr. Bluster and have worked out some kind of contingency plans when he discovers the red phone and tries to dial out for pizza.

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  2. I was thinking last night that this has nothing to do with leadership or politics but with ratings. I think Trump asked someone, “How can I improve my ratings? They’re really low!” and that person (Pence?) said,

    “Dude, no one likes Bannon and just getting him of the NSC would be a step in improving your ratings. And, to boost them further, get those generals and shit back on the NSC, especially as people are wondering why your family is all over the place. You can’t have both, Bannon and Jared, Mr. President.”

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    1. I sense from the reading I’m doing that this is a takeover by more “standard GOP operators” in DC. I could be wrong, but that seems to be what is emerging. I am sure Trump is NOT smart enough to arrange something this complicated to improve his ratings, so someone else pushed him into it. Pence? Jared? Most people think McMasters actually WROTE the piece that was in the Federal Register — not exactly a far right-wing publication.

      I also found it hilarious that TRUMP is the supporting slimy O’Reilly. Who would know better the ins and outs of sexual molestation?

      In any case, if for WHATEVER reason saner minds are taking over critical tasks, even if they are not the people I would choose, it’s got to be better. I This is “take what you can get” for me. Anything that moves Bannon out of the center of our political world is better than whatever kept him in there.

      Actually, this may really be just what you are talking about. Because you KNOW Trump didn’t make this happen. Someone made him make it happen.

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      1. I don’t want the bad people to leave. I want them to stay and help with the impeachment process. Every “good” thing he does makes that a more remote possibility. I think we’re looking at a guy who’s learned that by getting into a fracas he can stay in office. But who cares? I’m actually getting beyond it and beginning to see it as a poorly written (and Dick wasn’t such a great writer) PKD novel I happen to be in.


        1. i don’t know. I think he’s being manipulated by smarter people. You are right, though. The more he begins, for whatever reason, to behave like less of an asshole, the harder it will be to extract him and the entire crew. But at least i can worry a little bit less about bombs. That’s something.

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  3. I like reading your side of the whole thing, because as an ex-Brit, now an Angloswiss, I just know that Trump is an idiot and surrounded by a bunch of Nazis. Now I believe the chief Nazi is out, and the others are trying to save their skin by telling everyone about it. Keep writing and I will keep reading. It is not my problem, but is my problem when an imbecile has his fingers on the big red button.

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    1. With North Korea lobbing missiles, it’s hard to imagine this next international conversation going well or even not too badly. He really IS a moron, but he’s a powerful moron and that makes him a super dangerous one not only to us, but everyone. I think I’m going to be holding my breath for the next 3-3/4 years.

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  4. I know that I took a much deeper breath knowing that SB is no longer part of the NSC. As to China and Trump since all of his beloved daughters clothing line is manufactured there he might not make a complete arse of himself, one can only hope.


  5. You HAD to ask!!!

    You’re timing, my dear, was impeccable.

    So now we know (rather than just suspect) what a Trump presidency can mean.

    On the bright side, short of nuclear war (????) there is not a lot Assad and his far more powerful allies can do about it, so maybe we might all get away with it – this time!



  6. Balanced on the edge of hysteria and denial here. I’m pulling out my Easy Bake oven for a return to a sweeter and more innocent time. My motto: Make America Bake Again! But thank you for reporting the bad with a touch of the good–sugar makes the impending nuclear bitter pill go down!


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