The Beaver

The original brig Beaver, like the Dartmouth, was built and owned by the Rotch’s, an affluent Nantucket Quaker family. The Beaver was a whaling vessel built in 1772 by Ichabod Thomas at the Brick Kiln Yard on the banks of the North River near Situate, Massachusetts. Similar to other merchant vessels of the time, the Beaver was about 85 feet long with a beam of nearly 24 feet. The draft of the Beaver could not exceed nine feet because Nantucket Harbor had a sand bar across its mouth, which as a result, set the maximum size for vessels of that port.

From “The History of the Beaver”



  1. My father’s family was from Newfoundland so there were a lot of sea faring people in our family. Those old vessels had a certain charm and beauty to their design.


  2. The old brigs were wonderful ships! There is a replica of the Pilgrim that lives in Dana Point Harbor — it’s a great field trip for school kids, and a wonderful subject for photographers!


    1. I think this one is half replica, half original. So much had to be rebuilt that they couldn’t call it repaired. There are several in the harbor. “The Eleanor” is the Beaver’s twin. Other places, there are some bigger, older ships, including The Constitution, which IS the original, plus a few zillion repairs.

      I love the old ships. Maybe we all love them. Creaky boards, giant flapping mains. What’s not to love?


  3. This is beautiful. The details you photographed make clever and captivating compositions. I am so very pleased you shared the Beaver with me, Marilyn.


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