The day before yesterday, I could not find any of my long-sleeved (but  not sweater) tops. It was warm enough to not wear a sweater, so I figured, okay, today I can wear something fabric. Not woolly.

But there were no shirts in my closet. Not a single one. Missing was also one I’d worn just a couple of days earlier. It had to be there. I kept looking, but time was wasting and I wanted my coffee. I gave up and wore something else. They will show up. On hangers, in the closet, exactly where I looked. Not missing, no problem. Just  … gone.

This morning, I am wearing a shirt. It has a green fist on the front. It is my newest Serendipity shirt. So I figured, let’s go green. Earrings. Green turquoise bracelet. And my rings.

New Serendipity shirt!

I had left the shirt and pants folded on the top of the chest because if I’d put them away, I’d probably still be searching for them. I might never see them again. So that was easy. But I couldn’t find my rings, which I’d worn yesterday. Or my green earrings, the ones with the beautiful green turquoise set in silver. I gave up, wore different green earrings. I eventually found a necklace. I even found my rings, exactly where they were supposed to be and where I had looked half a dozen times until finally, there they were. But the earrings with the green turquoise? Nowhere.

I do not leave my jewelry lying around. I have cache dishes so when I go to bed, the earrings I’ve forgotten to remove can go there. Nothing is left on the edge of sinks or on the end table in the living room. Why can’t I find it? Why, when I do find it, is it exactly where it ought to be and where I already looked? What’s wrong with me?

Is this a form of mental blindness where my eyes see, but my brain fails to receive the signal?

Blindly isn’t just eyes and lenses. We can be amazingly blind about many things.

What else can’t I see?

21 thoughts on “BLINDLY IN MY LIFE”

  1. This happens to everyone. Plus you seem to write a way better than average writers considering the matter in discussion and hence i am going t follow your blog. Yu can follow me too if you like..


  2. last week I wanted to wear my new dark fuschia wooly cowl neck sweater. Oh, I thought, that would be perfect…I looked and looked, and looked…even wanted to wear it with my favorite dark brown new jacket.
    couldnt find either one. Yes they were hung up, I even remember doing it.

    when I went back later, there was the new dark fuschia sweater, now a lovely shade of reddish orange. And the new dark brown jacket is actually an orangey/brown. I have another older winter jacket which I love, and for some reason I always think of it as a yellow-based plaid. Hardly a scrap of yellow in it. I’m always surprised by that.

    We are all mad, only no one knows it yet.

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    1. I had to deposit a check in the bank this afternoon. It has to be at least a couple of years since i actually went inside a bank. I do everything online. Turns out, I had forgotten everything. It was humiliating.

      I’m almost sure I know what my clothing looks like. Pretty sure. I think. Maybe.

      I’m lost. And more than a little mad.

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  3. It’s not you – it’s the planet getting it’s revenge on humans for trying to destroy it! it will intentionally hide or change the colour/shape/location of things we leave somewhere!

    My most recent example? My Mum has a planter about 18 inches in diameter that has a few seeds in it that are starting to shoot. I found a potato peel with a couple of shoots growing from it and put it in the planter as a couple of potato plants had grown in it over summer but were now pulled up. Mum went to water the pot and looked for the peel and sprouts – could not find them even though she had seen them the day before. She asked me, i looked where i had put it, not there! (This is a pot 18 inches in diameter i remind you!) we both poked around a little in case it was covered with soil – nothing. Maybe a bird or something took it??

    Next day i visited i looked at the pot, sure enough there it was right were i had left it and exactly where it wasn’t the day before! Neither of us could believe it. She’s in here 80’s so senility is a possible excuse but what have i got??

    it’s definitely the planet playing tricks on us (neither of us have dogs/cats to blame!)


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