Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 9, 2017


Today was garden cleaning. It’s a mess out there, partly because it’s spring — it’s always a mess in the spring — but also because we had a particularly klutzy plow driver who did considerable damage. And before you ask, yes, he got paid anyway.

But, at least we got out the mass of dead leaves and old plants from last year. More to come, but we might — if we work fast — get there!



  1. We have the front all cleaned up and the crocuses are out and tulips aren’t far behind. It’s such a good feeling. Now we have the back to work on. It’s a whole different ball game. Ops…sorry about that Garry.

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    • We are getting a nice week. I don’t know how long it will last. Garry tends to be pessimistic about our weather, with good reason. For the moment — probably at least for the next four or five days — we get warm, dry weather. If I can just get things cleared out a bit, that would make it better. The garden isn’t a garden. It’s a horrible MESS.


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