It was warm enough today to wear tee shirts. I took a rake and cleared out the dead leaves from the garden. Garry dumped them into a crate and tossed them in the woods. One of the great parts of living in the woods is you don’t have to worry about where to put the dead leaves and lawn rubble. The wood doesn’t care. It’s got plenty of its own rubble and your addition is a drop in a very big bucket.

We have a few crocus. We had a few more, but I missed them. We’ve got daffodils on the way up, but not in bloom. Several tulips on the way. A lot of popping day lilies. Fat buds on trees branches, but no leaves. I think we’ll see leaves on the forsythia by the end of the week, if the weather stays warm. And we will very suddenly have a great mass of Solomon’s Seal in about three weeks, give or take.

Next week, my son has promised to (FINALLY) pull out the two dead rose bushes. He doesn’t want to because these are brutal bushes. Barbed wire looks like pussy willows in comparison.

When we bought the miniature roses, they mentioned we’d have many roses. We do. Pink and dark red by the bunch.

They didn’t mention those little bushes are killers. Get anywhere near them and they attack. The branches latch onto you and your clothing with a deathlike grip. Plant these around your house and you can be sure no one is coming through your hedges. I think these bushes were used for that exact purpose. That’s also why these are not the most popular rose bushes on the market. They grow huge and produce a lot of roses. They also up and die for no reason. We had four of them. Now we have two, but these are huge. I need to clip them before they completely take over what we laughingly call a garden.

I never thought I’d say this, but we could really use a gardener, at least to help organize the space. It’s beautiful in May when everything is blooming.  It’s also a great big mess!

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  1. Lovely spring blooms. Nice header shot. I don’t have any big roses to deal with but I do work around and trim raspberry bushes which tend to seek out and grab. Good luck and hope your son wears good clothing to survive.


  2. Our tulips are jumping up!! Lots of enthusiasm.
    Winter wasn’t as bad here as expected. But it sure seemed long.


  3. I pruned our climbing rose bushes last week and they are a thorny bunch too. Your photos are a real inspiration Marilyn. As long as they pay out in flowers I’ll endure the odd thorn.

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  4. I get a fair few brambles. Those spikes will go clean through your gardening gloves like they’re not even there.

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  5. Glad your spring has arrived. The roses look great, even if they are lethel. I buy the miniature roses in pots for on a table outside during summer. When they are finished I put them in the garden. Sometimes they remain during the winter. At the moment I have three of them nicely developing. I hope they are not so triffid similar as yours.


    • The minis don’t have quite the thorns as these, which I think are closer to medium ramblers. Not as big as the more modern ones, but bigger than the miniatures. But those thorns are impressive. And REALLY sharp.


  6. Looks like Spring is finally here! These are lovely flower shots!

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  7. Great photos! Gorgeous colour on those Crocus! I bet you missed those blooms over winter. I have one of THOSE roses but it’s tucked out of the way on a trellis arch that we don’t walk through (not if you want to go on living anyway). Thanks for the post.



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