Waiting. Waiting for the clouds to burst? For the road to take us home? ย Long drives are the essence of waiting. In both pictures, we were almost home.

jupiter najnajnoviji

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!


    1. Except we got an amazing sunset instead of rain. The rain didn’t show up till the following morning, but when the late sun hit the clouds, it was magic time. I thought rain myself … but nope. Glorious golden light.

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  1. Moody, moody clouds, the sky that has a life of its own. Reminds me of great ceilings one can find in old cathedrals with human figures floating. This one looks as if there was a human (Michelin type) figure floating. Such a great entry, Marilyn!

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    1. You’d figured we were heading into rain, but instead, we were heading in a golden sunset, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. Those clouds just roiled up … but then the sun started sending shafts of light through it and something magical happened. It was quite the complete welcome home!d

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    1. It was actually, though you can’t tell from these two photos, the prelude to a stunning, glorious golden sunset. I figured it was going to rain, but instead, we got a sunset to die from. We actually had to pull off the road and take a few final pictures once we were off the highway. Pity we couldn’t do it before then, but there are places it’s not safe to pull over.

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    1. That was an even more amazing sky than this shows. Because about 2 minutes later, the most insane golden sunshine popped through and the tops of every tree turned gold like something at the end of the rainbow. instead of rain, we got the most glorious 20 minutes of sunset I’ve ever seen. I’ve only seen that kind of sunset once before. Something about the way the light filters through the clouds and whatever else is in the air.


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