So. God wanted to get rid of all those who had experienced slavery and to accomplish this, he made the twelve tribes walk around the wilderness for forty years.

Forty years? Without meaning to be picky, the area isn’t that big. They must have crossed their own path over and over again. If the idea was to get rid of the “slave mentality,” why couldn’t they just make a camp and hang out until the time was up?

Why did they have to keep walking? Was there a fitness or exercise requirement? Was it like jail where you have this hour or two a day during which you have to keep walking and walking and walking? Why does the idea of walking in circles for 40 years make me laugh hysterically? Garry says we have this same conversation every year, immediately following our ritual viewing of “The Ten Commandments.” It must be pretty funny, because I’m still laughing.

And because this never stops making me laugh, please enjoy. Life with the Twelve Tribes … with WiFi. If it doesn’t play, try

Happy whatever you celebrate!


    1. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. I’ll send you the link. It’s gotten a bit hinky over the ten years since it was produced. It works, but it’s tetchy, if you know what I mean. I also added the direct link into the post. It’s an old piece … at least … whoa … maybe 12 years old? It used to be on YouTube, but now it’s back at Aish (original creators). Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem all that ancient. Except that Yahoo ain’t around.

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  1. Hey ! it’s big out there you know. And flat. Easy to get lost. Not to mention the scorpions and dust storms. *Cough* That dust gets everywhere. Then there’s the water thing. Need water.
    Yeah … well some of the movies and OT stuff (and movies) don’t weather too well.
    Let’s just say he had a loooong dark night.


    1. I know the area is flat and water and I do truly loathe scorpions. But … it really isn’t that big. Not by modern standards. Not even by old fashioned standards. Forty years in that same place? They had to walk in a circle! And it isn’t quite as dry as you might think. There are a reasonable number of watering holes and plenty of places to set up a camp. I just figured they could have settled down. Baked some REAL bread and waited. THEN gotten up and marched onward. But maybe they had to keep in shape. That’s not in any of the books, but a lot of books have been lost … like several hundred of them.


  2. As i recall in my Exodus, the people Moses escaped from Egypt with were a largely reprobate bunch when it came to keeping God’s wishes for them and were quite fond of bowing down to false idols and making graven images (al la Moses going up Mt Sinaii taking two tablets and coming back in the morning). I believe the purpose of the ‘wandering’ (actually following the Cloud of the Lord – note the symbolism of following God, rather than going their own sweet way, doing their own thing) was to inculcate in them the habit of trusting in and always first following God’s Will in their lives for a whole generation, or two even!

    For this they were fed and watered (there was not much wheat around to make their own bread in the desert) and ultimately ‘given’ their own Place in The Sun (Stuff the Cannanites – what had they ever done for God?)

    Sadly, the lesson was soon forgotten, even while the Story held pride of place and was kept written down for all, including the (my) gentiles to read, for thousands and thousands of years afterward. Funny that!

    Not as funny as the clip though – thanks for that, Spike! 😉



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