1. What a swell idea!! A field of dreams, right in our own backyard!! I’d invite all the Boys of Summer. But NOT Ty Cobb or Judge Kennesaw “Mountain” Landis.


  1. I liked the movie but always felt weird about Dustin H playing a college graduate. Seemed too “old” for that part! I loved the soundtrack and millions of people went out and bought Simon and Garfunkel after that movie! (I am making up the number but may not be too high in my exaggeration, Marilyn!) Hugs, Robin
    I have ‘hit’ the busy season at the auto parts warehouse and barely keeping my nose above the water on my blog.

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    1. Dustin was only 24 when he made the movie. So he was not an unreasonable age for his role in the roll. But he never looked like a kid.

      This is definitely the high time for car repairs. Everyone is getting ready to drive because no one wants to fly!


    2. I think we’re getting “The Graduate” and “Field of Dreams” mixed up in the comments. Yes, I “tear up” after every viewing of “Field”. I usually smile after “The Graduate”.

      “Field of Dreams” is special for die hard baseball fans. James Earl Jones monologue about baseball says it all. It’s truly a feel good movie. It was also Burt Lancaster’s final film role, I believe.

      I think Dustin Hoffman was age appropriate for Benjamin in “The Graduate”. Many of us were unfamiliar with Hoffman at that point. Anne Bancroft was the hot “cougar” before that term became popular.



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