The big package arrived. A big day for the doggies!

I have started ordering toys by collection rather than one at a time. I am trying to replace all the stuffed toys with non-stuffed toys. There are a couple of companies that make them. Furry and sort of vaguely animal-like with a squeaker in the head. No stuffing.

Garry gets the honor of handing out the toys. The dogs and their toys make him laugh every time. Me too, but Garry laughs more.

Just before coming to bed, we had to clean out the dog’s water bowl. It’s really a large steel pot. Probably, we could use a smaller bowl, but we like to know they have water, especially in the summer when they drink quite a lot.

Gibbs really loves that big pot. He gets both front feet in the pot and paddles. It gets water all over the floor and leaves chips of mud, dirt, stones, and whatever else was on his feet in the dish.

Is it just us? Does anyone else have a dog who paddles? I’ve had a lot of dogs over my lifetime, but this is first for me.

24 thoughts on “DOGS AND DOG TOYS”

  1. Tabby often drinks with one paw in the bowl and now and again licks the water from the paw, must be some sort of taste enhancement. Otherwise her favorite toy is the one you throw and she can push around afterwards. Of course it is not a toy, but is something living and has to be killed.

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      1. Gibbs was a decorated USN Seal before he joined our family. Gibbs was point agent on the Bin Laden takedown. He pawed Bin Laden into the deep six. Gibbs has many war stories to share.

        Together, Gibbs and Bonnie are the “Terr’ble Terriers”, arch enemies of evil doers in the Blackstone Valley.


  2. I first saw those stuffing-less dog toys (I can’t for the life of me remember what they were called…. there was a name for them) maybe 12-15 years ago when we started selling them at Mecca. I always wondered why somebody didn’t think of that before. It took billions and billions of toy critters getting their stuffing strewn all over the house before someone finally figured it might be a good idea to make one without the stuffing. I always thought they looked like roadkill that got flattened on a highway…

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    1. They absolutely DO look like roadkill. When Garry hangs all these little peltlike things over the edge of the dogs’ basket, they look like a dozen dead furry animals. The reason for leaving out the stuffing, though, isn’t the mess. It’s that the dumb dogs EAT the stuffing and they get really sick. That’s what happened to Bonnie. Took me a while to dope it out, but eventually a little light bulb winked on and I said “AHA!!”

      They do look like roadkill. It’s pretty funny.


  3. Arrival of the dog toys – what fun. Never had a paddling dog, though once had a spaniel that used to stand in the food bowl and eat between her legs, this to stop any other dogs getting a look in. She had a lot of nasty habits come to think of it.


    1. I’ve seen some strange eating patterns. The latest is that when you give both dogs a treat, Gibbs likes to eat his slowly. On the sofa. Bonnie bolts it down, then gets up on the sofa and starts to steal the biscuit pretty much right out of Gibbs’ mouth. And Gibbs LETS her do it.

      But the paddling … that definitely new. Puppies sometimes upend the water bowl, but that’s all in good fun. This is half a swim.

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  4. Ive seen cats pat the water, and I suspect it’s so they can judge the level. They have those little flat noses, and it doesnt take much of a dunking to half drown them. I have also had cats that will drink water out of a glass, dip the paw wayyy down, lick it off, do it again. Because It’sThere, I suppose. And one cat who really liked her beer. When my husband switched to O’Doul’s she never tried to get at his beer again. The look on her face said it all.

    I’ve never had a paddling dog, but Ralph Dog (he was on small kibble to slow him down) would eat half his food and leave the rest for later. I mean, exactly half, eat to the middle of the dish and walk away. If a piece from the other side fell into the empty half he’d have to eat it before he left.


    1. Dogs do develop odd habits. Some VERY odd habits. No dog leaves food in this house. Some other dog will finish it off. Bonnie is on a diet, which means anything edible is hers. She just pushes Gibbs out of the way and goes for it. That he LETS her is kind of interesting.

      But Bonnie has zero interest in water. She doesn’t hate it, but she doesn’t like it much, either. That’s definitely a Gibbs thing.


  5. Parker, my cat, loves to play in the water faucet. Every morning when I clean her and Teemu’s water bowls, I leave the faucet running for a bit so she can play in the water. She loves it. Not the bowls, but running water–back up and let her play! Weird.

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    1. Lot of cats do that, lois. I love having water cats around, since Im a bit of a water cat meself. Im more nervous about it these days, since we have those easy-turn faucets now, and they could nose one on accidentally. All I need is to come home and find the pump running and running and the faucet running and running…

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    2. I have had cats who liked to play with running water from a faucet. Especially the Abyssinian we had years ago. He actually liked water and would occasionally join you in the shower.

      But this is the ONLY dog who “half bathes” in the water dish.

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        1. Speaking of Gibbs, Leslie, he is playing Ivan the terrible as he attacks the few, surviving squeaky toys. We’ll hold a Requiem Mass for the victims later today.

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  6. Absolutely LOVE it! Your babies are precious. You’ve got me giggling…The toys and toy basket are just awesome. No doggies here, but we have our black kitty named Middy and she absolutely rules the place. She has a grooming table, toy basket overflowing with official kitty toys and plenty of homemade ones too. She insists on playing ball every day–several times daily during winter months. She can catch and toss like a pro. Ah, for the love of our fur babies! HUGS all around… 🙂 ❤


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