An entire lifetime has passed me by, yet no one calls me Spike. Tragic? Probably not. But still … how hard would it be?

I don’t have a nickname. I don’t have a ‘fun’ “play” name. Not even a proper shortening of my given name. Nor do I have a middle name on which i could fall back when my lack of “nick” fails me. As others dream of dancing and singing to a million adoring fans, I just wanted someone to call me Spike.

“Hi, Spike! How’s it going?”

“Hey, George. And you?”

Nothing fancy. AΒ simple one-syllable name that tells the world under all this blooming, aging, and sagging femininity, there’s a tough gal. Maybe tough enough to be called SPIKE.

Is that too much to ask? Well, is it?

26 thoughts on “PLEASE! CALL ME SPIKE!”

        1. I have a friend that I stop and visit on the fly, sporadically, and always manage to show up around dinner time. It’s accidental.., really. But they were looking for a nick name for me and I came up with my mob name “Benny da Mooch.”

          Wow! it’s hard to come up with a mob name for you. Maybe we should just hold on to “Spike Armstrong”, or just “Spike” until a better one shows up. Funny, there was a guy I used to call “Joey the Spike” cause he carried a shiv, or ice pick, alla time.


  1. Spike, huh?? You’ll always be Fishface to me! – but i’m much too much of a gentleman to ever say that out loud πŸ˜‰

    Who gets to pick their own nickname anyway??

    love. (aka Bob The Builder)


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