It’s not our best Earth Day, but the world is still ours to care for.
Whether or not we have a policing agency, we can do our best to keep the trash out of our fields and streams.
We can keep our world clean!
We can take care of our world. In the final analysis, it is up to us.
Let’s do our best and hold on until help comes.

31 thoughts on “EARTH DAY 2017”

  1. If each of us took care of his/her trash in a proper way we would do pretty well. Seeing highways and even sidewalks littered is disheartening. Plus it’s not like we have the best role model above us when it comes to treating our universal mother in the best possible way. Happy Earth Day, though, everyone!


    1. We get a lot of trash tossed on our property. I suppose from the road, it looks like a vacant lot … but that’s hardly the point. If, after all these years, folks STILL can’t seem to reckon with not throwing trash into the woods or road, it makes you wonder what it would take to wake them up.

      We shall continue to clean up the garbage and may we continue to have better Earth Days, with or without a leader who cares.

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  2. Love the first Earth Day poster. And yes, such a simple act, picking up your own trash, is so dishearteningly not followed. Thank you for the post.


    1. Trash is a huge issue on our earth. it’s everywhere. There are places you wouldn’t even think a person has ever gone, but the trash is already there. If we would just not litter the landscape, the world would be a much better place.


    1. As long as you don’t throw it on MY front woods ๐Ÿ˜€ You know, I understand that trash is an issue, but you have no idea how pissed off we get when we have to de-trash our front forty because all the passing cars have tossed their garbage there. You’d think people would know better, wouldn’t you?


      1. My yard gets trashed as well, which is odd since nobody should be in that yard except for me. Alas, the non-existent fence makes me a convenient shortcut for the neighborhood hooligans to get between streets, as well as a convenient litter box I guess.


  3. I just read a message from our Senator, Kamala Harris, reminding us that the origin of Earth Day came from the 1968 oil spill in the Santa Barbara channel. We’ve done a lot since then to clean up, but oil is still a huge issue in that area, where there was a spill within the last 2 years. An oil company declared bankruptcy the other day, and said they are dismantling rig in the channel because they can’t move the oil in the channel or along coastal roads, pipelines, or railroads!


      1. Yes — I was pleased to learn that the Venoco rig is being dismantled. And that it was because there is no permitted way for the oil to be moved away from the rig! No more drilling/pumping oil from that rig, and no more moving it from the well to land to wherever should all help a great deal!


        1. I’m waiting for some of those old rigs in Texas and Oklahoma to pop. They will, eventually. And those old rigs are rigs because they are too old and crappy for any other work. So we put OIL on them. Smart. We are so smart.


          1. California is doing a pretty good job of keeping the oil out of the State — no new rigs, no new pipelines, etc. We suffer, though, because we then have to import the stuff!


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