It was one of the first churches in town and it has been abandoned. I don’t know how many years it has been empty, but it’s been awhile. Probably at least ten years, now. The church has no heat and no parking. The amount of work it would need to make it suitable for a modern community is enough to build a new church … and this one is small.

I love it. It’s a jewel box of a church, a perfect representation of the white clapboard churches which are the symbol of New England. I hoped someone would buy it, but as the years pass, I think it’s only a matter of time before the wrecking ball gets to it.


  1. I’ve always loved the photos of this church when you’ve posted them. What a shame that it has been abandoned — I imagine it’s deteriorating rather quickly indoors by now!


    1. I think it is at the end of its run. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of it, but i want to take more this summer.

      I don’t think there’s much choice about what to do with it. The town can’t afford to fix it and no one wants to buy it. It has no insulation or heating system, which in this climate makes it hopeless. It is more than 200 years old. Without care and maintenance, it will become dangerous if it isn’t already. Such a pity.


  2. It’s kinda weird to think that if Whistler or some Gothic American artist had painted that church on a sheet of canvas someone might pay $1,000,000 for it but no-one seems willing to pay a few thousand for it and fix it for some valuable town function? I see it as a true work of Art.



    1. IF it had heat … or parking … maybe someone would have bought it. Other churches have gone for sale and found buyers. If we had the money, we’d have bought it in a nano second. It is as beautiful inside as it is outside. Small … maybe seat 200 people tops. Other churches like it did find buyers. I hoped it might become a little museum or something, but it hasn’t.

      It is a perfect little New England church.

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  3. I like churches. Don’t care who it might belong to. It’s about God. So I’d just go in.
    At one time Churches never locked their door. You could go in at any time – day or night.
    Sadly, these days we have a new brand of crook. They don’t care about anything. They will steal whatever they can and smash the rest.
    Now all our Churches are locked up.


  4. What happened to the organ? I bet it had a wonderful pipe organ at one time. I’ve seen churches like this turned into all sorts of commercial enterprises, restaurants, museums etc. What a shame to lose that part of our heritage.


      1. There must be a market for those organs. My father bought his pipe organ from an old church. It was amazing – you could feel the music thumping deep inside your chest.


    1. Small town … we really don’t have the money to properly care for our old architecture, so if someone doesn’t adopt it, it falls apart. It’s sad. Little churches like this are disappearing very quickly these days.


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