Since November 8, I’ve been fantasizing about the ways in which Trump could be removed from office. Resignation, Impeachment. 25th Amendment. Russian collusion. Emoluments Clause. Money laundering. Treason. Let me count the ways!

I really want Trump brought down in a humiliating ball of Karmic fire! But that’s as far as my fantasy goes.

I haven’t thought through what that would actually mean for America. So, let’s assume for the moment, Pence does not go down with Trump. We’re left with President Pence, for two or three years. How does that scenario look? Is it better or worse than the same time period under Trump? I believe Pence might be smarter and more effective pushing through his appalling far right agenda. He could do more actual legislative damage — domestically at least. That’s the negative. Remember — much of this damage is getting done, however inefficiently, under Trump too, so that would not be much of a change.

On the upside, Pence is sane. He has some fundamental understanding of government functioning, particularly foreign policy.

As a sane person, he would not be as volatile, erratic, vengeful, mindbogglingly ignorant or pathologically self-absorbed. There would be some level of competence and stability in government. That by itself would be a good thing. It might bring back some normalcy to our foreign relationships. It could help us regain our lost stature in the world. We would not be as feared — or mocked — as we are now, which would be a big plus. We might also shore up our bonds with allies and be better able to combat common enemies. We might at least have a better chance of stopping the nuclear arms production going on in dangerous parts of the world. I would sleep better at night not having to worry about setting off World War III.

Another good thing about Pence as President, is unlikely to be elected in 2020. I can’t imagine he would generate the kind of adulation Trump did. And he would get little support outside the Republican Party. Which is huge! If we can end this nightmare in four years, we can spend the next four undoing the damage done to our country. Then, move on.

I might miss the excitement of reading about some new tweet, gaffe, or scandal each day in the news, but in the end, I think our country and the world would be better off with less craziness at the top. Predictability is healthier for everyone when it comes to national and international relations.

So I can continue to dream about Trump and his cronies disappearing into the giant sinkhole they have created. I wouldn’t be happy with Pence in the White House, but I think the entire world would heave a giant, collective sigh of relief.


  1. I agree with you that we are very close to another change at the top of our government Unfortunately, I think that you’ve set out the best we can hope for. Pence is somewhat scary, but at least we (and the rest of the world) would be insulated from the worst that could happen with Trump’s unpredictability. A good post!


    1. Thank you! I was trying to come up with a realistic best case scenario. Sometimes I get carried away with the excitement that Trump could be ousted from office early. Then I have to stop and look at the reality of what would happen next.


  2. Our defense against madness is to become addicted to one show after another. Between episodes of “A Place to Call Home,” I write and edit. Someone re-posted one of my pieces on a super, highly political blog and I think I’ve had several hundred responses. At this point, I think the commenters are arguing with each other. Just as well. There’s only so much of this I can cope with.

    I feel like I’m developing a split personality — the one that knows what’s going on and wonders when the bombs will drop … and the other one that can’t wait for the next episode of the latest series. I sure hope SOMETHING changes. This is hard on the nervous system!

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  3. Trying times, trying times! It is the waiting that is the hardest. Waiting to see what is going to happen next because, one never seems to know what is coming out of Washington next and that is the scary part.


    1. You’re right about the waiting. I grab my phone every morning to see if anything major has happened, either good or bad. I cheer if there’s more news about Trump’s Russia ties and sigh if there’s just more bluster or gaffes coming from the White House. It’s only been three months since Trump took office and the next three years seem very, very long stretching out ahead of us.


  4. Ellin, nicely thought out ideas, and very close to what I’ve been thinking. To hell with ‘how it looks’ from the outside if we were to dethrone CarrotTop. We might even get points for doing it. Remember, our allies are just as nervous as we are, for varying reasons.

    My response to all of this is basically Ostrich with Head in Sand; my blood pressure thanks me daily for that. I refuse to fret over what I have no control over. Life is too short. I have Legos and Worlds of Warcraft, and no TV, which is all the drama I wish to deal with these days.


    1. I envy your involvement in Worlds of Warcraft. I wish I could get into a video game or role playing scenario. I just don’t seem to have the patience – I have ADD so that might be a factor. You’re right though – that would give me all the drama I need in life without having to read the news!


    1. I can’t imagine Pence getting any traction politically. Especially since he’d take over with only a partial term left.This country never wanted the far right wing Republican agenda and didn’t vote for it. Trump won as a Republican because he disavowed so much of the right wing agenda. He is now turning around and adopting it, but that is not what he said he’d do on the campaign trail. Remember, he was the maverick, the independent, Washington outsider. But he’s surrounded himself with the rightest of the right wing and he’s become Mr. Republican. His base doesn’t seem to mind, but the rest of the country is having fits.

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