Knackered. Over-tired. Exhausted. Pooped. Too tired to even think about “it.”

I got an almost entire night’s sleep last night and rather than being wide awake and ready to run, I feel like going back to bed and doing it for another 10 or 12-hours.

Sleep deficit builds. I’ve been working on this sleep deficit since my son was born in 1969. Now that I’m beginning to occasionally get a whole night’s sleep — with interruptions for getting up, adjusting the bed, then drifting back to sleep — I asked Garry if he thought I would ever make up for my 47-year sleep deficit.

He looked at me, one eyebrow up. He looked thoughtful. Contemplative. Then, he spoke.

“No,” he said, and went back to his computer.

There you have it. Not a chance.


  1. I am one of those people who never learned to go without sleep, so my sleep deficits HAVE to be made up within a few days of them accruing or my body just decides to shut down on me. I don’t know how people with kids do it… particularly those who work on overnights with me!


  2. Amazingly I find I can by on 6 hours a night.
    Not that I feel ‘rested’ all the time though. And I have cycles where I don’t sleep well at all and use Melatonin – which seems to work. But I know it’s not for everyone.


    • it doesn’t work for everyone and some people, it doesn’t feel good. Sleep has been difficult for me since motherhood arrived, 48 years ago. At this point, I think I’ve forgotten how to sleep properly.


  3. It wasn’t until my children grew up and left home I actually had 6 hours of sleep. Since I was a child, I existed on 2 – 4 hours on any given night. I was accustomed to 5 at most. I had no idea how rejuvenating sleep could be. Now I’m back to 4 or 5 so I guess my reprieve is over, lol. They say naps are as good, but I’ve never been a “napper”, I’m willing to give it a go though snicker snicker if I can.


      • lmao, yes I know the feeling. Because I’m 5 steps and one closed door away from grandkids, I doubt I’ll ever sleep again, because there’s always someone that needs grandma’s tlc. 🙂 a blessing and a curse if you want to sleep in, lol no sleeping in for gramma cause well, that’s the way of it according to the littlest one, if you need to know ANYTHING, gramma knows! I think the parent isn’t overly impressed with this idea, but hey, what can I say.


        • You get past being the most important cog in the story. Your kids manage to get on without you and the grandchildren grow up into their own world. Relax, my friend. Enjoy the good stuff, but your parenting days are over. The joy of grandparenting is NOT being the parent.


  4. I’ve had sleep problems for years.
    When my youngest daughter was 2 to 3 years old she got me up around 2am every morning to go potty.
    It seemed to go on for years and would never end. But it was probably a few months and ended all too soon.


  5. I remember my mother complaining, while she was still alive – ” when I could sleep, I couldn’t (too much to do) and later when she could sleep she couldn’t (she had long wakeful periods in the night). I often listen to the radio when I can’t sleep.


  6. I don’t think I’ll ever catch up with sleep deprivation totalled from more than 50 years of working heavy and odd hours — first on radio and then on television when I RARELY got decent sleep.

    Now in retirement, we stay up very late watching TV favorites. Then, in bed, with headset on, I watch my “guilty favorite” films until I nod off. Obviously, I should curtail my “Late, Late Show” but, hey, I’m retired!!


  7. I think some people need more sleep than others. I love my sleep, although now and again it eludes me. As the years go by it not longer bothers me so much Perhaps it is a sign of old age. I know there are people that never sleep as long as they should, but somehow we seem to survive the day.

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