One of my pieces was posted on a highly political board elsewhere. You can look it up at INTELLIGENCE FOR THE UNINTELLIGENT – AND BANNON.

I gave permission and up it went. Before its time in the sun was complete, it had gotten dozens of responses. Being me, I tried to keep up with all the comments, but by the third day it was obvious the commenters had abandoned me and were arguing with each other. I drifted home to Serendipity.

Exhausting! While overall it was a better experience than (for example) Facebook, with fewer people ranting mindlessly, there were still more than a few of them. As an American, I’m proud to say the craziness was reasonably well-distributed between left and right-wing crazies, although in my opinion, right-wingers spew more bad language than left-wingers. This may be due to a weakness in their vocabulary. I encourage them to work on their language skills so when they spew hate, they can do it with more class and fewer references to fecal matter.

What it did remind me of, in full measure, was how hard it is to have a conversation about anything that matters. It isn’t just politics. It’s everything. The entire population of these fifty United States has hit some kind of edge. We’re all ready to pop. Whether it’s the slow driver blocking the left lane, someone stealing a parking space, or putting down too many items in the “quick” lane at the supermarket, we’re ready to blow up. That is unhealthy and sometimes, dangerous.

Personally, I need to take a breath, step back, and rethink how I deal with this.

I’m terribly unhappy with the political situation at home and almost equally upset at the way the rest of the world is drifting. We seem to be collectively heading for another world war, whether we do it nuclear or just kill each other in more traditional ways. Given what’s on the table here and abroad, it will get worse. Can I live in a state of fraught, hysterical insanity long-term? I don’t think I can. I know I don’t want to.

I’ve disliked a fair number of presidents and other heads of state in multiple countries. Locally, from Nixon, and Reagan (who I mostly missed by being overseas), and then through three terms of two Bushes, that’s a fair number of American presidents I would have happily lived without. Trump is the last and hopefully, the worst. He has raised our national temperature to such a point we are going to need a collective ice bath to just calm the fuck down.

There are people with whom I will never have a civil conversation. The things they say are so far removed from anything in which I believe, there’s no way to have a conversation. People who won’t believe in facts, science, or history, or even English spoken as a language, are not people with whom I’m going to chat pleasantly. Men who think they know what women should do with their bodies? Never going to be a pal of mine. The remainder of people who hold to something resembling rationality, with them, perhaps I can talk. If they don’t directly insult me, maybe I can avoid ranting at them.

Then, there’s the more cultured approach, which I strongly favor. Before we blow up, rage, rant, and foam at the mouth, think about British comedy. That’s where everyone skewers and guts one another without murmuring a single foul word. If they can do it, surely we can too. It’s time we upped the ante on insults. Time to get out of the gutter and move into the parlor. More wit, less raving.

There are so many delicious, witty, and sometimes charming ways to insult each other. Let’s see if we can find some.

You think?


  1. I try to avoid politics in a blog, but it does not always work. It is the situations that suddenly get out of control that was not your intention. It happened to me once because of a stupid apelling mistake. I eventually deleted the remarks, but have never forgotten it. The person I mean even dedicated a blog to it and that blog got her a record amount of comments. Seems people like to glory in such things. I learned my lesson. There are people that seem to love ranting as some sort of hobby.

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    1. They do. I am careful where I comment. On this site, if someone bothers me, I block them. I don’t need that sort of crap. This is MY site. Also, sometimes you can get some really crazy stuff. I don’t mean insulting. I mean very seriously strange. What I can’t understand is someone making that kind of fuss about it. People make mistakes all the time. If everyone got called to account we wouldn’t have much talking going on.

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      1. Great post, Mi Amor!! You are now, officially, a blog stahr in the highest firmament (Think the rotund lady radio hostess introducing Gene Kelly and Jean Hagen at their movie premiere in “Singin’ In The Rain”).

        Political arguments are so damn volatile these days. I can’t really blame people for their intensity given the political and social climate of our beloved nation. Personally, I can’t cope. My hearing aids threaten to explode with all the surrounding heated exchanges. That’s why I quietly exited the room during our recent visit with old friends. The shouting was more than I could handle.

        The segment we saw recently of political analysts yelling at each other with no one listening was classic.
        It merited Al Pacino’s “You’re out of order. You’re ALL out of order!!”.

        Now, just calm the fuck down, folks!!

        We’ll be right back…after this message.

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          1. Yep, have a beer. “Hey, just a beer. A beer ain’t drinkin'” Edmond O’Brien/”Mr. Dutton Peabody, Esq. Editor — The Shinbone Star” in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”.

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        1. so called political analysts howling at each other seems to be the way it goes these days. My husband eats that stuff up, I turn up the music. Whatever happened to dignity?


  2. Ranting happens, as someone once said, because in here, ‘no one can see your face”. True anonymity, if you choose, and bitch it up with a fake name, and a generic email addy, and you are nearly untraceable.

    Two things: after the news yesterday I thought, one step closer to whatever we are heading into, and then I realized (not for the first time) that we are about 30+ miles as the crow flies from both the Navy Yard in Portsmouth and Pease Jet Port, which still has retained the Air National Guard training venue (and we are in their training flight paths, oh joy), and juusssstt a few miles to the south of that, Seabrook. From our upstairs windows we can see the lights of jets landing and taking off from Pease, and when they fly over, I just hope they’re ours.

    The other thing, which says a lot (and very little at the same time) about the Donald: he once again has commented that “being president is harder than I thought it would be.”


    1. Well. that’s two, right?
      “Who knew medical insurance could be so DIFFICULT!” — and — “Being President is harder than I thought it would be.”

      Did he think it was going to be like summer camp, but with more golf?

      All of us on the East Coast are inherently doomed if they start lobbing bombs. There’s no escape. Assuming a road which was not bumper-to-bumper end-to-end, where would we go?


  3. I think the wit has been drained out of us as a collective entity beginning in the early 1800’s when Aaron Burr and George Hamilton faced off in that infamous duel devoid of bon mots. (Yes, I know it was Alexander Hamilton. Let’s see how many people remember that from their high school history.) Interesting that Hamilton wrote about Burr to a friend, calling him a “profligate, a voluptuary in the extreme”, accusing him of corruptly serving the interests of the Holland Land Company while a member of the legislature, criticizing his military commission and accusing him of resigning under false pretenses, and many more serious accusations. Why can’t people talk like that anymore?

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      1. That’s all they seem to do is talk. I didn’t know they were actually able to sign their names. I thought they had to print. With crayons- pens and pencils being too sharp and dangerous for them.


    1. Emilio, I remember the Burr-Hamilton duel. It was breaking news. It WAS George Hamilton who doubled for Alex Hamilton, his cousin. We had problems with “profiigate” and “voluptuary” on our tele-prompters. Spelling was horrible. I had to ad lib.

      Ben Franklin was a reasoned analyst for the event. But there was so much name-calling and shouting in the audience. All in all, we got boffo ratings.

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  4. First off, I do lean somewhat to the right but in no way supported Trump. I do find it interesting you mentioning “right wingers spew more bad language….due to a weakness in their vocabulary” and then follow that up shortly thereafter with an F bomb….funny.

    As for “doing it with more class” I would respectfully disagree with Exhibits A & B being Ashley Judd and Madonna at the Women’s March in January….which were both a bit disturbing.


    1. Missed both of them.

      In written expletives, of which I have been a proud receiver, there are an awful lot of righties who do not seem to have much grip on language skills.They need to get it together. Time for them to learn to say something that doesn’t end or begin with the words “shit.” There ARE other ways to say it.

      I’ve always found Madonna disturbing, even before she had a cause.


  5. I am trying harder not to comment on political posts on facebook. There is no point. As you mentioned, sometime commenters hijack the space to argue with themselves. I had posted a link to what I thought was a good article in support of something a friend posted on fb. Soon I was being attacked by someone from the right who did not like it. They obviously read the title, not the article. It is sad that people are waiting to see what your first few words will be so that they can pounce on you.


    1. I don’t post on Facebook. Even when they AGREE with me, i don’t like them. I don’t like ranters. I can listen to anyone who’s got a reasoned argument, even if i disagree, but as soon as they start bombing me, I’m done. So now, I don’t start. Here, I have some control over what happens. On a public forum? It’s just a lot of screaming and yelling and cursing.

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        1. You need to learn to block comments. But it’s up to you. Unless I think it’s a virus or something, in which case I will handle it.

          Personally, I block people whose opinions are too ugly for me. I don’t ask, I don’t argue, I just dump them. I’ll do it if I merely suspect there’s something wrong about with them.

          I ALWAYS check to see where new comments are coming from. I used to not worry, but now, I worry. it’s not just the ugliness. There’s is also some real danger out there. I’m always afraid one of these weirdos is going to track me down.

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          1. I have had to drop a couple from facebook. Others I have categorized as acquaintances to control which items they get. I did have to block a few people off a school alumni group since they had no sense of what the group was supposed to be about.


  6. as an addendum: the donald is at this moment running for president again; the loud intro music, the captive audience, the ranting…I am trying to gently drown this out (the Mister is in the next room) with Andes flute music, but it keeps seeping in.


      1. It feels like an ego thing to me. He surrounds himself with familiar adulation, hauls out his “make america great again” voice, and has at them. He needs propping up. He needs approbation from the masses. HIS masses.
        The thing about “Make America Great Again”, is the last word, “again”. The implication that we aren’t great, but the Donald will be our savior and get us back to where we were. (Where we were was where he was NOT.)


  7. A late add to the comments on this subject: Last night (4/29),we watched Samantha Bee’s “NOT your White House Correspondent’s Ball” on TBS. I presume it was to be a parody or skewering of the traditional White House Correspondents shindig in which it’s “gloves off” on the current President and administration.

    I didn’t particularly enjoy the 90 minute show. Ms.Bee is a graduate of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” and is highly regarded for her acerbic take on current events. However, the show seemed to be a series of rants on the current adminstration. Usually that would be funny. However, we get the same material daily from the late night comics. It’s becoming one note and NOT funny. Conversely and sadly, the current White House occupant is a multi-note bad joke. He’s a BAD joke on US!!

    I know the political skewering is necessary — absolute necessary — right now. I just wish the comics could find a way of making it more clever and less of a one note rant. Maybe it’s not possible given the target.


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