Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 28, 2017

Photo: Garry Armstrong

In the course of events, I dove back into my Arizona folders and realized there are maybe a thousand more pictures ready for processing. So today, we are back in the desert … the gritty paths in the great Southwest.

Desert path
Path around the pond
Old road, new road


14 thoughts on “DESERT PATHS”

    1. I think the MOST beautiful shots I fixed up last year, but there are a lot more of these secondary shots that have a beauty of their own … and I’m discovering there’s more to them than I originally thought.


    1. In the final shot, if you look closely, in the very front is an obviously old cement road that has been displaced by the big, long road through the city.

      No fires. It was January and a rather wet one at that, so the fire levels were nice and low.


        1. From that point on, the rains began. The previous year had been big fires all over that area, so it’s possible your sharper than my eyes are spotting fires of earlier seasons. We’ve been off and on on fire alert right here, but the past week of heavy rain probably finished that!

          The old road, which was what we were on, was barely a road, but we were in a 4X4. I wouldn’t have liked to try it in a regular car!


          1. Sometimes the lighting can make the hills look pretty black — it’s probably not that here, but it also looks as if there’s a line of new construction along the bottom of the hill — that may just be lighter colored roofs too. Anyhow, I’m glad it rained after you took this shot! And I hope you don’t have fires. Rain can be a two edged blessing in dry country, as it makes the grasses grow for future fires!


    1. There are SO many of the. Granted many of them look like each other — and a friend of mine and I just discovered we have identical pictures of one scene, except taken on two different cameras. We must have been standing in each other’s footprints!


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