Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 30, 2017

Oddballs. Good to think about now that spring is arriving with piles of caterpillars and of course, those big black ants. I love warmer weather, but the bugs really get me. I suppose living in the country, you have to deal with them … and I do. OUTSIDE. Not in here. And not when they show up by the millions and eat my trees.

The caterpillars are tiny right now and the trees are not fully in leaf. All this rain may help keep them from doing as much damage. I hope so. I really sincerely heart of my heart, hope so.

Dog treats
Cameras, lined up and waiting to go
Porcelain pig with greenies
Front hallway



11 thoughts on “ODDBALLS”

    1. I like to think the greenies are helping their teeth. But they really LIKE them and they do give them a nice chewing experience, so they are probably not bad for them. They are about half the price on Amazon as they are in our local PetSmart!


          1. I hope the weather’s better tomorrow because I have some things I want to plant – the Easter Lily, some ranunculus and some Asian Lilies.


  1. Maybe there will be enough rain to wash them all away. A flood of caterpillars into the river and out into the ocean. Some might interpret that as some kind of Biblical sign, though…


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